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Our space trip in Leicester

On Wednesday 25th February we went to the national space centre in Leicester. It took 1 hour to get there and we went on the school’s mini bus. There was a massive rocket tower With 144 stair. we pretended to be space cadets and I was the communication to mission control. We watched a movie all about space and astronauts.

Crystal and Sumayyah’s trip to the national space centre

Yesterday on Wednesday 25th February 2015 we went to the national space centre.We went on a minibus to Leicester it was a long journey there. We had lunch at 1 o clock and we eat a lot of things I had 3 packets of crisps cheese sandwich and 2 drinks. We could see the big space tower from where we was sitting when we went inside it was so nice. We did some work including space facts such as who landed on the moon Neil Armstrong and we split up to find all the facts. We got to explore the space centre it was cool.

Our super spectacular space trip by Aaisha

Yesterday on Wednesday25th of 2015 5s went on a amazing trip to the National Space Center in Leicester. We had a fantastic time acting out our individual space characters. Me and Mehrunisa had a job of keeping people alive. That job was called life support. First we all prenented even the adults to be in a incredible rocket. Also we went into a planetarium and saw this amazing 3D movie.IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!


Spectacular trip into space. Awais

On Wednesday 25th we went to the national space centre in Leicester, while we was there we got find and name a two comet because there was two groups and we worked together . One comet was called Oasis Academy and the other was called 5s 1. There was different types like Navigation Medical And Life support ECT . Also the palnateream called Sir Patrick Moore. We all saw the rocket tower .


Our spectacular trip to the unbelievable universe by sayema

Yesterday we enjoyed a mind blowing adventure in the national spec centre. It was a super packed day. First we had to do a mission. We all had different roles. We each had a very important job to do to catch our comet. We named it 5S1. Eventually we caught it. Then we went to the planetarium. It felt like we were moving but it was actually the screen. It was the best trip ever. This was the scary part. We went on the rocket tower. It was really high. There was this astronaut and you put your face in it and it looks like we were the astronauts. It was a great day.


Alien attack !

Mohammed m
Yesterday we went on an spectacular alien adventure. We built a probe that we sent off to a comet we named 5s1. We all had our roles and if we made a mistake we would have to fix it. We discovered scientific experiments and had to find the co-ordinates of the comet but at the end we were successful . We watched a 3d movie which explained the hazardous materials in space. Many jobs and people were needed for us to complete our terrifying mission. We had to answer nearly an infinite number of questions but we succeeded

5S Space Stars


Class 5S had a brilliant time at The National Space Centre in Leicester. Watch our videos showing our mission into space to discover a brand new comet.
The first video shows the mission’s medical team at work.

IMG 0365 from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

The second clip shows how the comet was discovered and named.

IMG 0366 from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

Finally we show our success at firing a probe at the comet to take scientific samples.

IMG 0367 from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.