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Titanic:the dream ship!

The Titanic was beautifully and gently soaring through the ocean.All of a sudden,I questioned myself ‘ why’s everybody fussing about?’Then I noticed that a catastrophe took place;then I thought why did the person who designed the ship say,”this is unsinkable!”The captain shouted “stand by and lower the
life boats”Some children and woman didn’t want to evacuate due
to the fact they thought and wore told that the Titanic was unsinkable!
Tears dangled down the children, mothers had a strong stare
at their husbands;thinking that they will not have another chance
to ever see their husbands.They sailed away,I had the chance to escape without a lifeboat!!!
Nowadays I still think about how lucky I was to survive-I saw many die of body shock, coldness and fear, despite the fact engineers had stated that anything could happen in the world and I believe only god can control things!

The tragedy

The immensely beautiful,invincible ship was soaring threw the fast flowing ocean in the fresh air. Questions were going threw my head . I was thinking to myself why is everybody worried this ship is unsinkable ? All of a sudden, she came to a immediate halt. There was no fuss at all. I dashed to look over the deck and I could hear commotion and sobbing. There was nothing going on. Everything was normal. I could smell ice. BANG! When I’d heard that sound I knew this wouldn’t be happy ending. The boat was sinking.’ Lower the lifeboats and stand by’. Women and children formed a line and the more money you pay the more quicker you get on a life boat . I could see women get throne on a life boat. They didn’t want to go on the boat because they thought it was indestructible. Men had to stay behind .

By leyla

Rest in peace Titanic…….. Rest in peace

The beautiful,invincible,unsinkable Titanic was cruising gracefully through the ocean and the refreshing smell of the sea filled my nose with joy. The Titanic was so gigantic that it took me much more than 3 days to get used to it. When in a blink of an eye, the brilliant, mind blowing white star liner came to an immediate hault and my enjoyment was over. Hearing the captains voice bellowing “LOWER THE LIFE BOAT AND STAND BY” over my confused head, I looked over to the lower deck and trembled as there were tons of ice all across the floor. As I saw the freezing ice I thought, have we hit an iceberg? Just after, the Captain screeched that the ship is in terrible trouble and in a flash of lightening all hell broke loose. Then mothers and children were crying as they had to abandon there father knowing they were probably not going to see him again. Tears were dramatically rolling down the children’s chubby cheeks like a bowling ball down an ally. Seconds later…….. I felt my darling sinking beneath my feet.The thought of her being unsinkable spreaded into people’s mind like a computer virus. I am sad to say my father past away in this tragic accident but hopefully they will make star liners like this in the future but make sure they are safe. At the end of the day it’s up to God What happens.

Aman and Gurjeevan

Titanic-Taiba and Hajra

The titanic was soaring through the ocean beautifully.All of the sudden,she came to a halls. There was no fuss.However it was a bit squash there cause some other people don’t know we’re they going cause there about 2.200 people that’s how there was that squashed.There wether was perfect and you can play in the boat also you can smell the ice of the ice Berge. While the captain said the lower the life boats and stand By was that’s the order.

Catastrophic Titanic

The Titanic was soaring through the calm North Atlantic Ocean .I was only a kid when it happened.Then the Titanic came to a sudden stop.I saw ice on the deck every one was running in terror .Then I realised we had hit an ice berg and the invisible Titanic wasn’t invisible in the first place.There was havoc on the deck. People were screaming in horror and I heard the captain shout, “The Titanic is going down”. All the women and children were frantically rushing to the life boats.The men helped the women and children on to the life boats.Once we got life boats were lowered into the water the colossus Titanic started to rise out of the water and then the front half snapped like a stick.

Calum and Spencer


The Titanic was soaring through the ocean beautifully.And it took me more than 3 days to explore the whole boat.All of a sudden she came to a hault like putting brakes on a car.The weather was calm the sea was calm and we were calm.But the one thing that catches my eye was ice,lots of ice.I went to the edge of the deck and peered down but ther was no damage.Then I heard the captain say “lower the lifeboats stand by women and children.”
I could see men wearing suits throwing women in the lifeboats for there own good.I could also see tears shredding down the women’s cheeks as they left there husbands in sadness.People did not evacuate because they believed that the Titanic was unsinkable.but she sadly drowned it was a beautiful sight though.Even though it broke under pressure.

Hammed and kheone

Long live Titanic!

The Titanic was soaring slowly through the ocean beautifully. It waS so humongous that when it sunk I didn’t even get a chance to explore around the whole of it. All of a sudden the beauty came to halt. From a Lower deck I could hear the captains voice echoing LOWER THE LIFE BOATS. STAND BY WOMEN AND CHILDREN!!
I looked over however I could see nothing except ice. Loads of ice. Then I realised we had hit an iceberg. The water was filling the whole of the ship about every second! Children were crying, people were lowering each other into the life boats
and there was lot of chaos. People were telling others to get in the boats and sale away however they w re refusing due to the fact they had stuck in the mind that the Titanic was unsinkable. The ship was being swallowed into the water and eventually snapped in half!

By: Mukathus & Aleena!