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Y6 P4C…Money, Money, Money!


This week we have been discussing just how important we think money really is.

Is money the root of all evil?

Does money make the world go around?

What actually is money?

Imagine if money didn’t exist?

Does having lots of money make you happy?

Is a ‘rich’ person any different from a ‘poor’ person?

P4C The Peacemaker


Do you think a peacemaker would make the world a better place?

Is the peacemaker a test from God?

Do you think it’s right for man to intervene with Gods test for the world?

Would the world be different if children had peacemakers?

Is a peacemaker safe?

If technology was available would we have a peacemaker?

Do we have a peacemaker?

Would a peacemaker have a positive or negative impact on the world?

Do we need a peacemaker?

Would a peacemaker stop people expressing feelings?

P4C ‘The Black Hole’

Do you think it’s right for one person to have so much power?

Is it right to take advantage of power?

If everyone had super powers, would the world be a happier place?

Is it right to put faith before making choices?

Would it be right to steal if you had reason to?

Do you think power gives you the right to commit sins?

Do you think Mighty God tests humans to see if they make the right choice?

Is it right to do the wrong thing?

Is it right to take something that doesn’t belong to you?

Can temptation lead us to make the wrong choices?