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Maths Puzzle Workshop

We had an amazing time cooperating and persevering to solve maths puzzles.

One puzzle required us to move cakes from the shop to the delivery van with the use of 1 table. We could only move one cake at a time and couldn’t put a big cake on top of a smaller cake.

We found it took 1 move to move 1 cake, 3 moves to move 2 cakes, 7 moves to move 3 cakes and 15 moves to move 4 cakes. How many moves would it take to move 5 cakes, 6 cakes etc? Can you explain why? Can you write a maths sentence to explain your workings?

I look forward to seeing your ideas.


Tunes Times Tables

What a great start to MARCH FORWARD WITH MATHS MONTH!!

We had a great start to the month, firstly, introducing NK who came and taught us rap and song. The raps and songs were to help us learn our times and tables!

Miss Kirby is on the look out for the next rap star of time tables ….


Watch out!! Lots more to come from March forward with Maths Month!!!!