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Lama Muhammad

Today we had an assembly about knife crime.
First there was a police officer he showed us a DVD about knife crime at first it was really sad because it,s a story about two people who died because of knife crime. The officer called olli came in and told us more things about knife crime it was sad but when we asked questions it got interesting and funny.

Leighton and Abeeha

Today KS2 had a assembly about knife crime. A P.C.O called Ollie came in and talked to us. We watched a film about how knife crime can happen. Like how it can happen over a simple argument or tiring to scare some one you could slip and stab them. When some one is killed in that family is teared apart. He said that when you come out of jail you have a weapon warning and that will go on you application for your new job. Did you know that you can go to jail for 4 years just for position of a knife on the street?

Iqra and nafisa

All about the knife assembly

Have you wondered a child being killed by a knife from a adult?
We had an assembly all about knife crime.A police man came and talked to us.He only cached the person and waited till the actual police man or lady comes and arrests them.He talked about knife crime and how it starts and what we should do to stop it.we also watched a video about a girl called charlotte and a boy called Luke who got killed by a knife for a silly reason.charlotte got killed by just stepping on someone’s toe by accident and got killed when she went to the toilet because a girl followed her and she had a knife in her hand.luke killed someone because he wanted to scare them.

Sumayyah’s and zain knife crime post

Friday 12th December we went to an knife crime assembly,we watched a video of people getting killed for silly reasons.It was so sad.A girl called Charlotte was in a birthday party she step on someone’s toe she went to the toilet and someone stabbed her on chest.it was so emotional.A boy went to school and he was coming from class then someone from his family was waiting for him then some body stabbed him in the heart.Even now his family still visit’s his grave.

Crystal abdulla knife crime

Today s assembly was amotiniol and it sended a message to people.

Today in our assembly I watched the most saddest thing ever I was so emotional I cried half way threw it it’s like having a life then it been taken away drifted threw the wind tears dripping down there eyes slowly as they’ve been stabbed the drama has ruins their life!

Junaid and Aaisha knife crime assembly

This after noon we had a assembly all about knife crime at 2:00. Our local police officer called oli came in and showed us a upsetting video. It was about parents that are being interviewed because they’ve lost their child just because of a silly disagreement or just because some one wanted to scare another person at school!!! The reason for that was because we all need to be alert and make sure that we are making the right choices. That assembly was amazing.