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5JS At The Butterfly Farm

We had a great time at The Butterfly Farm at Stratford today. We went there for the Engage part of our new topic ‘Beast Creator’. After listening and learning losts of facts about butterflies, vertebrates and invertebrates, metamorphosis and life cycles we let off some of our energy at the adventure playground.

Introducing our new class pets…Toby and Tiddles!

Last week as a lovely start to our new ILP a topic, Paws, Claws and Whiskers we had the pleasure of introducing the Year 1 class guinea pigs.

“did you know that guinea pigs are of no relation topigs but are instead more closely related to rats or squirrels?”

The children decided to name the daddy Toby and the baby Tiddles.

Toby is one years old and Tiddles is still young at 3 months.

This week the children are writing instructions for how to look after the guinea pigs and we look forward to displaying them soon.

They have started to feed Toby and Tiddles and are learning how to look after them.

We look forward to keeping you up-to-date about all the exciting things that they do and will share more photos when they are more settled and ready to come out of their cage!

Our Favourite moment – 2015


As we welcome a new year, let us flashback to one of our favourite events from the Autumn term.

Just before the holidays we went to the cinemas to see ‘The Good Dinosaur’ as a lovely end to our dinosaur topic.

We went by bus which was great because we could look out the windows and read all the road signs

At the cinema we had popcorn and chocolate and then we ate our lunch.

As a treat we went to the park before we went home.

“The park was fun because we went on all the things!” -Zarak

“We saw the dinosaurs” -Chloe

“We knew lots about the film because we had learnt about dinosaurs at school” -Naeem

Enchanted Woodland Day

On Friday we had an Enchanted Woodland Day.

We dressed up as woodland creatures, elfs, fairies and nymphs.


We received an invite from Mr Fox telling us about his exciting party.
We planned the food, games and decorations.

In the morning we made the food. There were fairy cakes, chocolate hedgehogs, nests and sweet/sour mushrooms. The fairies had also made us a magical drink.






We also had chocolate twigs and slithery worms.

In the afternoon Mr Fox came to see us. We couldn’t believe it.


He was very impressed with the party that we had planned and joined us for a giant game of duck, duck goose. Unfortunately he didn’t run very fast so Maks managed to catch him!








After we had eaten all the food, we finished up by playing pin the wings on the fairy and pin the ears on the elf.




We had a great day.
Thank you Mr Fox for inviting us.

WWII Discovery!


This morning, Year 6 made a remarkeable discovery!

We came across this old suitcase that is believed to have belonged to a WWII evacuee.

Could you post questions you may have either about the discovery or WWII.

Then using secondary sources (Books, Internet) could you answer each other’s questions in as much detail as possible.

Look forward to reading your questions and responses!

Mr Darnley & Miss Sultana