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Graffiti:should it be in our school?

Dear Mr.Edwards,
I am writing to inform you about the E-Mail that you had sent Mr.Darnley
about-whether we should agree in having graffiti on our school wall.

I believe that we should have as much graffiti as we like as long as
we don’t have bad reference to language and as long as the neighbouring
places do not criticise.
I strongly believe that graffiti is and should be praised off,on the other hand I understand that you may be thinking that bad language will be referenced,
however it will be guaranteed that good language will come in handy, our graffiti art will be relative to the the rest of the town.
Graffiti is an extremely good way that artist can express themselves.
Many people think that graffiti is a product of modern time.

I would really appreciate you in agreeing with my statements.

Mohamed and Hajra

Do you agree with graffiti?

Dear Mr Edwards,

I am writing to respond to your proposal that you sent to Mr Darnley about the graffiti artists to do graffiti on our academy walls.

I personally think that this would be a great idea; it will attract more pupils to come to our academy. Furthermore the school will look vibrant and flamboyant and will have a message behind the graffiti. This is supported by Mr Jones, who is a deputy head.

Additionally, 60% of our community think graffiti will make our city more welcoming.
“very occasionally graffiti can be a mini work of inspirational art, which brightens up an otherwise boring wall.” This is said by a member of the community.

If people knew more about graffiti artists such as Banksy, if people knew how long graffiti artists take to make their art, if they knew the message behind the art. Then people would more likely to praise graffiti more than punishing it.

So wouldn’t you like to make the school more attractive? Some people argue about the bad language in graffiti. However the graffiti in our school will be appropriate for our academy.

Thank you for your time I will be looking forward to be hearing from you. I hope you agree with us.
Your sincerely, Mariem and Shivraj
pupils from Oasis Academy Hobmoor.)



Dear Mr Edwards,

I am writing to inform you that we shouldn’t have graffiti on our school here are some reasons why.

Firstly,graffiti makes a place look untidy and run down.It gives that area a bad reputation,don’t you agree? Many people around Yardley believe that graffiti on the school will make Yardley look untidy and not well kept.

Secondly,doing graffiti on someone else’s property is illegal and vandalism.If you let people do graffiti on our school more people will join in and we will start getting tags.Graffiti on someone else’s property is criminal damage.

Thank you for using your time to read this letter I hope you agree and tell us soon.
Your sincerely Jahid and Calum


graffiti artists at oasis academy hobmoor

Dear Mr Edwards,
I am replying to you in response to the email you sent Mr Darnley about graffiti. We hope you will come to our tremendous school.

Our deputy head mr Jones believes that “graffiti is another way of people to express their feelings.” Graffiti makes the city a much brighter place due to the fact it lights up really dark places. Jahid in our class quoted “Banning graffiti will be like banning art in our school.” 80% of our tremendous community say graffiti is art so lots of people wouldn’t minds it. Sometimes graffiti is used to paint murals in in connection with youth club works.

Graffiti artists are talented so people enjoy looking at their fabulous artwork. Lots of people might be crying that the artist that do this paint/write inappropriate language. You might believe graffiti is a crime however they are forgetting its a form of expression. Some graffiti can be extremely powerful in the way it looks.

Mr.Edwards I hope you will agree with all of our points that we have spent time writing for you .
Yours sincerely from Murtaza and Shahjea


Graffiti art

Dear mr Edwards,
I am writing to inform you of the response that you sent to Mr Darnley about graffiti on our school walls,read on to find out reasons why.

My first reason is that Graffiti would be great on the walls because it could send a message saying our school is great also I think that many people agree with the fact that graffiti should be on our walls then we should continue organising the Graffiti.

My second reason,is that the Graffiti can make our walls flamboyant and more exciting and it will always make the school a lot more welcoming. We will make sure that the messages are right for the age of the young ones.

If the school was brighter,If mum’s agreed that Graffiti would be good,If the pupils want Graffiti to brighten up our school,then you must agree with the school that you now own.

I now hope that you agree with me about bringing Graffiti to our school.

Many thanks,
Aman and Malaika
(Pupil at oasis academy Hobmoor).


We Dear Mr Edwards

I am writing to you in response to the email you sent to Mr Darnley about putting
Graffiti on our walls.

My first point is that it will make the school look flamboyant and attract other pupils.I think this would be a good idea because people who walk past are school would be eye catched by the Graffiti on our school walls.

My second point is that Graffiti would look really nice and colourful on our dull Walls.Wouldn’t you want it on your walls.I strongly believe you should agree
With my point for having Graffiti on our walls.

My third point is that Graffiti art work is the best despite the fact the art work is fabulous .If people new Graffiti has art work on the dull walls it is called

So after reading all my points I hope you will use them.

Yours sincerely Hammed and Raisah

Sarah and Raafay hobmoor

Dear Mr Edwards

We are writing to you in response of the email you have sent Mr Darnley about the proposal that Graffiti artists want to use our Academy wall as a canvas for their art work.please carry on reading.

I think graffiti is not vandalism due to the fact it can carry an important message.Mr Jones has told us he will support us.These are his exact words:’I will support you as long as the artwork is art ; if it has a message that says about us as a family and academy’.

To begin with, I believe that Graffiti is a very good thing because the city of yardley is very boring but when this graffiti appears it can be good rather than someone just spraying a wall and making it flamboyant.Just think what we could do? The younger children could be inspired to be artists.

I understand members of the public may be worried about the language that is on the wall however I strongly believe that our oasis portrait shall only include words that endure new students.I have done a recent survey and in fact 99% of our school want graffiti on the walls.

If people looked more closely at graffiti, if they saw what we see,if they realised what we see then many people then people’s artwork would be praised.I hope you enjoyed reading my letter,I look forward to seeing your reply

Yours sincerely

Sarah and Raafay(pupils of 6D)



I am writing to perform you about on our walls. I think we should have graffiti on our walls because it’s art people say it’s not art .However it shows what we should do and what we should give to people and we we should care about.Although ,people may not like it there are Many other people that would like to see graffiti on our wall also we want a message around it.Read on to find out more.

Mr Tarry And Mr Jones think it would be an excellent idea however they said it might cause some troubles but it needs to have a message behind it.Also it needs to have good colours and good things on it and good meanings.Graffiti does not damage property the people that do graffiti are trying to say something that you should do. Don’t u agree with me ?doesn’t graffiti represent something to you ?
I think we should get the walls stylish and beautiful. If people like graffiti if people saw it in a different if they agreed with us then graffiti will be all over the world graffiti would be proper art it could be something that people would love.

The school wall is not that bright so we want to make it brighter with graffiti and lots of pictures of our school and how we work in our school.If the people like it if the people do not mind then our school wall will be a bright wall.the question is would you like to put graffiti on our school wall.

I hope you have learnt something Mr Edward from us and way we would like graffiti on our wall.

(Pupil from Hobmoor) Mujahid and Aqsa.

Spencer Hobmoor

Dear Mr Edwards
I’m writing to you because of the email you sent to Mr Darnley about the graffiti artist coming to our school.

I believe that we should get the stencil art on our wall because it makes the school stand out and the parents will want to send their child to our school.
I believe that it would give use a better reputation because it could have a good message in it.

I would like to say that our school is not the best looking school if I must say but we need that graffiti so it can brighten up our boring wall.

If I must say our school would need a new look I went and asked some of the pupils and 95% said that our school needs a new style.

Graffiti is a art but people don’t know that because some people use it to spray disgusting language and messages but not all graffiti is bad I hope you understand my reasons I look forward to here your respond have a nice day.

Your sincerely



Odane’s Letter

Dear Mr Edwards
I am writing in response of the email sent to Mr Tarry and then forwarded to Mr Darnley about the Graffiti artists wishing to use our academy as a canvas for their work.

There is an ongoing debate of if Graffiti is ART or VANDALISM and personally I think we should decline the offer with respect, read my points bellow to see my reasons why.

My first point is that police in the UK state that ‘ Graffiti ‘ is vandalism and should not be praised and makes a bad reputation on a good city or town in addition to that police officers are spending precious time to catch Graffiti artist in stead of catching knife crime suspects or murders and therefore to punishment for Graffiti should be even more strict than it currently is now !

Currently in the town of yardley Graffiti is still popular with the current generation of teenagers instead of doing work they do Graffiti which will jeopardise their education and results for GCSE. In doing so able to succeed students will go down the path of disaster and end up on the streets (Homeless).

Another reason is that Birmingham City Council will have to clean up after other people mess which they DON’T get paid extra for. Also doing this is wasting money which Birmingham City Council could use to pay for more play equipment in the local park.

After a resent survey with the local community, 90% of citizens state that they will rather live in a Graffiti free zone/area. Also surveys show that over 60% of parents have children intoxicated by breathing in the fumes of spray cans.

If more people realised that Graffiti is illegal , if more parents were aware of the dangerous fumes , if people were aware that it costs the council lots of money time and effort to remove the damage , then people will realise that Graffiti is indeed VANDALISM!

I hope Mr Edwards that you appreciate my time taking to write this letter and hopefully you agree with me not the go along with making Graffiti not aloud to use our luxurious school as a tagging canvas.

Many Thanks

Yours Sincerely, Odane