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Gangsta granny book review Sarah & Shahjea

Gangsta Granny

The book is about a young boy called Ben that thinks his granny is really boring however he learns about her past and is stunned. All granny likes to do is play scrabble and eat cabbage soup.As well as that Bens parents want him to be a ballroom dancer although he wants to be a plumber.While the story progresses the bond between the elderly lady and the 11 year old boy grows stronger.At first Ben thinks his Granny is boring but then he realises that Granny is the best in the world. David Walliams has allowed children to feel the feelings of the characters in this magical story.

Funny moments

The funny moments was when Granny did naked yoga and that she is always blowing a raspberry and she does not know that she is doing it. Their are a range of sad parts as well as funny like when bens parents are upset as they think he has ran away.


Gangsta Granny Raafay and Awais

Book: Gangsta Granny

The book is about a young boy called Ben who thinks his granny is a extremely boring and only eats cabbage soup. However one day Ben found some expensive jewel in a biscuit tin .Granny has a very interesting past where she lived with a poor family and stole a rare jewel. Also Ben is forced to dance in a ballroom dancing competition, which he flops in and the crowd go mad.

The book has lots of funny moments such as the part when she done naked yoga as well as she when she blew a raspberry. EHHWO!!!!! In addition she went absailing down the hospital and when Ben wore the confetti, solar system,A&E,woodland,quality street and my favourite:piano man. Another funny part is where Ben was reading plumbing weekly but his mum thought he was reading about girls.Also when Ben and Granny went through a privy (a toilet) and smelled of poo and the queen finds out.POOEY!!! Although it is emotional when Ben and Granny hug for the first time also when Raj gave Ben a free bag of Murray Mints.


Raisah and Mohamed review

Gangster granny

This book is about a boy named Ben,who doesn’t like his grandmother,however he finds out that his grandmother has a very interesting past. He believes that his parents
like Flavio Flavioli more than him. David Walliams changes the way children think about their granny. By looking at hear you would find out you are not alone in thinking that his grandmother just like any other she has white curly hair,false teeth and other disgusting stuff . I would recommend this book to youngsters 9-13 year olds.

My favourite part of the story is when granny and Ben where going to the the biggest heist ever done on earth .


Gangsta granny LC and CTA

1) The book is about a young boy called Ben and he has a boring old granny and he’s parents want him to be a ballroom dancer. One day he found out that is granny is an international jewel thief and plans to steal the Crown Jewels. This allows granny and Ben to get along with each other and Ben has more interest until Ben finds out some bad news….
This truly unbelievable funny content will have some emotional feelings.

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