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Aspire Week 2016

“We believe that real education should help us live ‘on purpose’. Aspire provokes us all to think about two questions: Who am I? Where am I going? It is a range of experiences that plant seeds… seeds that will flourish throughout our lives.” Paul Tarry, Principal

Here are a series of short films made about the week and theres much more to find out about what we have been upto on the blog by clicking #Aspire in the word cloud on the left.

Oasis Hobmoor Aspire Week 2016 – Oasis Nine Habits from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

Oasis Hobmoor Aspire Week 2016 – Trips to University Of Birmingham from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

Oasis Hobmoor Aspire Week 2016 – Trips to BMag and IKON from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

Oasis Hobmoor Aspire Week 2016 – Trips to Coventry Cathedral from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

Oasis Hobmoor Aspire Week 2016 – Our Guest Workshops from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

Giving the children a series of steps to think about Who am I and where am I going? we looked at

Who am I?
Trips to cultural institutions like IKON, BMaG, Coventry Cathedral and the Library help us explore our identity and culture.

What do I believe?
Guest leaders such as Clive Fowle and The Feast help us to explore our beliefs and how these shape how we think, feel and act for today and in the future.

How should I behave?
The Oasis Nine Habits help us think about the kind of person we want to become. What habits do we need to achieve our ambitions and work together in a thriving, healthy community? These are: Compassionate, Patient, Humble, Hopeful, Honest, Joyful, Considerate, Self-controlled, Forgiving.

What action do I take to achieve my goals?
Blessing Maragere, Young Entrepreneur and Serena Arthur, Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham are two of the people who’ve worked with us. They are role models who have achieved their aspirations at a young age, they helped us to see what is possible by talking about the steps they took to success.

Christian Aid – The politics of climate change


Anna Burden from Christian Aid ran a workshop looking at Climate Change. She talked about how farmers in Kenya or Bolivia are affected by climate change and some of the solutions to climate change are being provided by scientists and technology

In our session Anna asked us to think about our actions and how we are affected by Climate Change and what we can do. This included caring for our environment, to writing to John Hemming MP to ask him to make climate change more of an election issue when he stands for re-election.

Here is a video about the Bolivia Water Project.

This World Water Day, 22 March 2012, we look at Bolivia’s glaciers, which are melting at an alarming rate. Farming communities on the slopes beneath the Illimani glacier in La Paz have land to farm, but not enough water to grow the crops they need to feed and sustain their families. Organisations like Christian Aid partner Agua Sustentable are measuring impacts and piloting schemes like reservoirs, to maximise water usage in these communities.

And a video about how mobile phones are helping in Kenya

In the heart of Kenya, Christian Aid’s partner the Christian Community Services Mount Kenya East (CCSMKE), is working with remote farming communities who are experiencing increasingly erratic weather patterns.
By sending small-scale farmers scientific weather predictions and forecasts via text message technology, translated into their local language, CCSMKE enables them to plant armed with valuable information.


For ‘the love of’ is Christian Aids campaign about Climate Change

Climate change is a global issue. We all need to take action.

Aspire week in Reception

Hello everyone!!!
Welcome to Reception’s Blog page! You will be able to see all the exciting things we have been doing in the academy and how busy we have been!!

This week has been aspire week in the academy and we have been taking part in lots of fun activities!

On Monday afternoon we all went to try some different activities around the academy, some of us went to try mosaic, some of us learned some sign language and some of us stayed in Reception, We met a real police man and talked to Bilal and Amir from 2ms who told us all about working in a busy shop and how much fun it is! We were so grown up and sensible! We love trying new things!

Yesterday we were very lucky to have a real artist come to our classroom to make felt art with us! It was very hard work but it was great fun! We had to make the wool really thin by teasing it and then roll it in warm water to make it stick together! Ursula the artist is going to sew it all together and it will be put in the hall for everyone to see.

Today we talked all about people who help us and what we want to be when we are grown up. We want to be doctors, teachers, hairdressers, police officers, firemen and like our mommies and daddies! This afternoon our parents came to a special workshop where we took part in lots of special people who help us activities. We made masks, puppets, painted pictures, and even counted how many people who help us we could find! It was lovely to spend time with our mommies and daddies and show them how clever we are!

Please keep reading our blog as it will keep you up to date with everything we are doing! Check back tomorrow when Miss Fensome has added some pictures of all the fantastic things we have done!

Thank you for reading,
Miss Fensome and Reception 🙂

Aspire Week Day 2!


Steve Stanier from the Feast talking in the workshop


In the Feast workshop we painted flowers together


Steve Chalke talking about how Faith = Believing


Jo Roberts ‘The Spire Inspirer’ collecting some artwork from her session


Pupil Parliament discussing the best questions to ask Steve, Jenni and Steven S, with Mr Tarry


Steve Chalke in Assembly, talking about The Flea and how it kept hitting its head in the jar.


The Panel Discussion: How Faith supports the aspirations of the panel.

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