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Ikon follow up

On Tuesday Amy and Emma came in to do some follow up work based on Dan Flavin with us. We added strips to a piece of plastic to imitate his Tatlin Tower. We also made posters to go into our Arts Award books. What do you think of Dan Flavin? Do you like him? What does he use in his artwork?

Learning to glaze our clay sculptures With Elaine Lim-Newton

This week we will begin to colour our clay sculptures with coloured slips and under glazes. Coloured slips  are made up of various ingredients including clay with strong colour stains added, they usly come in various light shades or colours where as under glazes can be very bright.

Here’s a tutorial on how to decorate a piece that I will be showing the children…



Every Child is an Artist: Inspiration for our clay sculptures with Elaine lim-Newton

Inspiration for our clay totem sculptures that we are creating have come from a whole variety of sources:

We have explored  a wide range of wonderful sealife creatures as seen in coral reef communities….

A bright and interesting coral reef.
A bright and interesting coral reef.
Here are some pieces inspired by coral reefs and sea life creatures...
Here are some pieces inspired by coral reefs and sea life creatures…

We looked at my own ceramic sculptures that are inspired by natural forms such as flowers and cacti…

A sculpture called 'Biome'
A sculpture called ‘Biome’

And other artists that liked natural forms…

Alexis Rago sculpture in clay
Alexis Rago sculpture in clay

Also various artists from around the world that create totem sculptures.


We were also inspired by the Artist Anthony Gormley and his artwork ‘The Field’. With our  mini me sculptures we will create our very own community  which will be displayed around the school in unexpected places…

Our growing community of mini me's
Our growing community of mini me’s currently drying in my studio…
Anthony Gormley's the 'Field'
Anthony Gormley’s the ‘Field’


We explored textures and patterns through drawings and then learnt how to translate these onto our own clay sculptures…

Researching and drawing patterns and textures...
Researching and drawing patterns and textures…
Textures and pattern makers
We used professional ceramic tools and lots of interesting found objects to create the different textures and patterns in our sculptures.
A close up of our work...
A close up of our work…

We have also began to explore how our finished totem sculptures may look through detailed design drawings…

Learning to design the totem poles
Learning to design the totem poles


Every Child is an Artist creating clay sculptures with Elaine Lim-Newton

Over the last few weeks we have explored a wide range of making techniques in clay….these include: Slab

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building where we have been making fabulous cylinders in clay with lots of lovely interesting textures, we used cardboard cylinders to help us form these shapes. Press moulding: where we have been pressing various coil shapes into big plaster bowls to make textured dome, sphere and flattened spheroid shapes ( think of a ufo type of shape ). And finally coiling and pinching to make a large community of fun mini me sculptures with lots of personality… We have learned to work in teams and individually to create all of our clay artwork.

We have also learnt about where clay comes from, and how it is dried and then fired in kilns…
My kiln at my studio in derby
My kiln at my studio in derby
inside the kiln
inside the kiln
lots and lots of cyclinder sculptures drying at my studio...
lots and lots of cylinder sculptures drying at my studio…

Creating with clay!

Hello! i am Elaine Lim-Newton, i am a sculpture artist who mainly works with clay. As part of the Every Child is an Artist Project i will be working with years 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 to experience and make our own fantastic sculptures in clay using lots of different techniques.

We will be making sculptures in a variety of clays, sizes and shapes and colour them with bright clay slips ( runny coloured clay) and shiny glazes. The finished sculptures will be exhibited in a fantastic final event and hopefully be enjoyed by everyone for years to come.

The theme for this term is community so over the last two weeks we have been exploring this theme through drawings and designs. and creating our own 2d totems from the drawings.

We have also been introduced to clay, and have learnt how to prepare it and experiment with textures and mark making with lots of different tools and collected items.


Aspire Day, October 2015 by Hobmoor TV

The Hobmoor TV crew on Aspire Day went round the classes to capture some of the buzz and show what was going on. Heres their news and views plus a little about our Mystery Guests, Olly Armstrong, Rachel Duggan and Simone Chester who delivered some amazing art workshops.

Hobmoor TV Aspire Day Mystery Guest Upcycled Leaf Art from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

Hobmoor TV Aspire Day Face Painting and Make Up from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

Hobmoor TV Aspire Day Mystery Guest Session with Olly Armstrong from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

Hobmoor TV Aspire Day Edibile Art from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

Hobmoor TV Aspire Day Abrcadabra Magic Tricks from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

Hobmoor TV Aspire Day Waffle Making from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

Hobmoor TV Aspire Day Upside Down Art from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.


Hobmoor TV Aspire Day Olly Armstrong from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

Hobmoor TV Aspire Day Mystery Guest Simone Chester from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

Hobmoor TV Aspire Day Rachael Duggan from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

Every Child Is An Artist

This term we have launched a new project for the year called Every Child Is An Artist. Children in years 1-6 will be working with the Mercurial Dance team every week and this terms theme is Digital Arts.  A whole school project will develop the children’s creative, artistic and design skills.

Our Focus for the Autumn is Digital Arts: taking the children to the latest in digital making, creating, hacking, coding as we build towards a game and installation in December. In our creative journey we start to look at what makes up a city? and how might we augment reality

Leading the Mercurial Dance team is Artistic Director Oliver Scott and this project builds on some of the arts and film projects he have led in the school.

Here is a bit of info about the Artists your children are working with this term.

Oliver Scott., Mercurial Dancer – Dance with years 1&2

Oliver will be developing a new dance curriculum for the Oasis Hobmoor welcoming and working alongside a new dancer to the Mercurial team for the autumn with Years 1 and 2.

Oliver Scott is a versatile individual. He is artistic director of Mercurial Dance, and founding trustee of Mercurial Arts Charity. His work spans roles as a performer, choreographer, artist educator and arts consultant/producer. He has toured internationally, performing with a range of dance and theatre companies. Highlights include launching the Bubble Chamber, Mercurial’s pop up performance space for dance and technology;  recent Mercurial Dance productions include Fair Youth (2015) a duet for libraries inspired by Shakespeare’s Sonnets, and the fun projects at Oasis Hobmoor such as Aspire! week, The school anthem En’Light’en and digital dance work Chaotic Liquid Network (2014)


Ashley Brown – Digital Artist and Coder – Years 5&6

Ash will be working with Makey Makey’s, Littlebit and Arduinos to explore physical computing with Yrs 5 and 6. It could include turning a bunch of bananas into a keyboard and playing music or seeing how your pot plant sounds when you stroke its leaf!

Ash has worked with Mercurial Dance for a number of projects over the last 6 years. His work includes creating interactive objects and environments, hacking and repurposing devices, crafting code and working at the intersection between art, technology and design to uncover and reveal new potential and crafting beautiful (and not so) objects that make people smile for the past 6 years. Ash produces electronica and dubstep under the name DJ Arctic Sunrise.

Darius Powell – Digital Artist and Game Designer

Darius will be working on creating a game environment with Years 3 and 4, populating a virtual world with avatars, buildings and creations.

Darius is a digital artist and tutor who is also based at QUAD in Derby with over 10 years experience in animation and media. Darius regularly works on media products requiring his skills in video, animation, motion graphics, Photoshop and interactive design. A regular workshop leader, he has delivered animation training to thousands of people aged 3 – 80+.

Emma Puente – Filmmaker

Emma will be working with year 2H, 3 and 4 working on Filmmaking, animation, editing and skilling up the children for a launch of Hobmoor TV later in the Autumn Term.

Emma produces videos, works with image editing, animation, design and other things of that ilk. She has led many workshops with both young people and adults on the use of creative software and equipment, mainly with a focus on filmmaking or animation but occasionally other pursuits such as image editing and comic creation. She has taught at schools, youth/art centres, museums and village halls.