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Twin Lakes

For winning The Attendance Prize, we went to Twin Lakes. We had an amazing time and even the weather was kind to us. Unfortunately the water areas weren’t open so we’re hoping to win the prize again and go there in the summer!

5JS At The Butterfly Farm

We had a great time at The Butterfly Farm at Stratford today. We went there for the Engage part of our new topic ‘Beast Creator’. After listening and learning losts of facts about butterflies, vertebrates and invertebrates, metamorphosis and life cycles we let off some of our energy at the adventure playground.

Science in 5JS

As part of our topic, Alchemy Island, we became scientists. We tried mixing acids and alkalis, yeast, sugar and water and the best was making plastic by mixing hot milk and vinegar. We then tried making our own solutions by mixing different solute into the solvent of water. We also tried hydrating, dehydrating and rehydrating jelly marbles.

Why not try some of these experiments at home?

Let me know how you get on.

Silly Sock Day in 5JS

On Wednesday 27th April we wore silly socks to raise awareness about autism. We completed an activity deciding which characters (some were autistic, some were not) would have the best skills to solve various problems in a comic. We all agreed that everyone has different skills, talents and weaknesses and that people behave differently in different situations. By the end of the session we had all gained a greater understanding of helping each other – whether autistic or not.







Year 5 Budding Astronauts

As part of our topic Stargazers, we went to The National Space Museum at Leicester. We learnt lots of amazing things, landed on the moon with our astronaut suits and managed to launch a probe to track and intercept a new comet which we called Hobmoor Gazer. If you want to see even more photos, please look on drive@oasishobmoor.org


Fizzpop Science

What an amazing time we had with 3, 2, 1 Blast Off.

We made our own mini rockets using straws. Please ask if you want to know how.

Outside we all had a turn using an airpad rocket launcher. We then helped launch an air rocket, a water rocket and a pyrotechnic rocket, which went so high, we lost it over the fence!

What did you enjoy today? What have you learnt?

IMG_0078 from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

IMG_0074 from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

IMG_0071 from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

IMG_0067 from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

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Maths Puzzle Workshop

We had an amazing time cooperating and persevering to solve maths puzzles.

One puzzle required us to move cakes from the shop to the delivery van with the use of 1 table. We could only move one cake at a time and couldn’t put a big cake on top of a smaller cake.

We found it took 1 move to move 1 cake, 3 moves to move 2 cakes, 7 moves to move 3 cakes and 15 moves to move 4 cakes. How many moves would it take to move 5 cakes, 6 cakes etc? Can you explain why? Can you write a maths sentence to explain your workings?

I look forward to seeing your ideas.