Film and animation club – adventures in Imovie

After a few weeks of honing their animation skills in I Can Animate, the film and animation club have been trying their hand at Imovie, a great editing app that is either free or low-priced depending on your operating system (Apple only) and very simple to use.

Imovie contains built-in templates in a number of genres for making your own movie trailer Рit is really simple to use as it provides the music and captions (which are editable) and provides the user with a storyboard to follow, telling them what kind of shots to get e.g. close-up. Simply record the shots, adjust the text as you wish, and Imovie does the rest!


The group then came up with some of their own movie ideas – here we have the team battling a zombie breakout, and then taking on criminal masterminds in an action film called ‘Agents of Hobmoor’ – enjoy!



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