Every Child Is An Artist sculptures with Claire

The first half term of 2016, Years 1 and 6 spent time exploring sculpture, our community and surrounding environment. Each week we looked at different artists that have created sculptures in many different ways from the very old to the very new. We have also been using lots of different materials just like those artists and have learnt how sculpture can be almost anything and can be made from almost anything!

We started by making quick mini sculptures from a small selection of everyday materials. The children created some brilliant patterns and colourful structures and changed their works by swapping or sharing another person’s materials. We developed these works the next week and started working much bigger and joining materials together and thinking about the spaces these works could be made and shown.

A key theme for this project has been how our bodies can also become sculpture either through hands-on making or by becoming a sculptural material itself! By putting our bodies in different poses and using found objects as props, the children acted out their own sculptural performances that were captured through photography and film. They also used their bodies to make their mark on squishy materials such as plasticine, foil, paper and wire.

Later in the project, the children worked on large scale drawings to tell stories of their lives and how these were linked with the wider community of the school and Yardley. Each class also went on a Learning Walk in the school grounds to discover how materials, objects, textures and sounds could be found in their everyday surroundings and used to make art.

At the end of half term, the Year 6 classes thought more in-depth about the power of art to comment on important issues. We looked at protest artists and the children devised their own private messages for a secret ballot and public signs that were held up and photographed and explored deconstruction and risk by making and breaking clay pieces.

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