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Heritage and Culture

Now you have created all your open-ended questions, ask your selected individual to learn more about their heritage and family background.

Record your findings as a comment under this post to share all the interesting facts you discovered with the rest of the class!

You can record your findings under each question you asked or summarise your findings in a paragraph.

I look forward to reading what you have found out!

Mis Javed 🙂

Hobmoor Writing Competition 2017

Well done to all you tallented writers!

We had a collection of fantastic entries from year 1 all the way through to year 6 for our Aspire Day Writing Competition. All of the entries have been carefully read and collated into two magazines.  Serena Arthur, young poet laureate for Birmingham 2016 is our judge and the winners will be announced.

Printed copies of the magazine are available to order from the office at £5.99 each or by filling in the order form in your children’s bags. They are super high quality, full colour and every story in the pages below. Once a main print run has been ordered extra copies will be available to be ordered from the publishers website.

You can read the e-version for free below.

JustWrite yrs 1 to 4
JustWrite yrs 5 & 6


Year 6 Maths SATs Revision

To help with your Easter Revision, click the image below to explore past SATs questions relating to each Maths Topic you need to revise. If finding a particular question difficult, click the Youtube icon to watch a video talking you through the question!
Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 09.03.52

Oasis Academy Hobmoor Writing Competition

Oasis Academy Hobmoor Writing Competition!

Hand your work into your class teacher by Monday 20th March.

Write a story, poem, drama script or comic and have the chance to see your work published in a real book!

As part of our Love Language Aspire day we have launched a creative writing competition for all the children at Oasis Academy Hobmoor to enter, with shortlisted stories and winning entries published in a new book – a collection of the children’s work created especially for the school.

Everyone a winner!

All finished and complete entries by the children will be published in a professionally printed magazine for each class. Copies of these will be available for parents to buy for approximately £4.99. Proceeds (approx £1 per magazine) will go to support learning in our partner academy Oasis Academy Musoto in Uganda.

What do I write about?

You can use the inspiration from our Love Language day or write a new story, poem, drama script or comic about any theme you like.

Competition Rules

  • Only one entry per pupil
  • Ensure that all pupils include their name, surname, class and age on their entries
  • Stories can be on the entry form or separate A4 sheet leaving a 1cm boundary
  • Stories must be your own work, not copied.
  • Pictures, illustrations and drawings must be your own work, not copied
  • Entries must be no longer than 2 x pages A4
  • By entering the competition entrants will be deemed to have accepted the Rules (terms of entry) and be bound by them. See for full terms

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Use of language
  • Originality
  • Interpretation of theme (if applicable)
  • Age is taken into consideration
  • Any learning difficulties editors are made aware of are taken into consideration


Your work will be published in a class magazine, copies available for parents to purchase.

A shortlist of up to 20 of the best stories of the finalists will be collated together and published in a hardback book, available for parents to purchase.


In each age category one lucky winner will receive a Kindle Fire as the prize!


Age categories:

  • Reception, Year 1 and 2
  • Year 3 and 4
  • Year 5 and 6

Deadline – hand it in to win!

Put your  NAME___________Class __________ Age_____ on each page.


Hand your work into your class teacher by Monday 20th March.




Terms of Entry “the Rules”

  • Entry to the competition is Free
  • The Competition is open to children at Oasis Academy Hobmoor
  • The Competition has age categories: Reception, Year 1 and 2; Year 3 and 4; Year 5 and 6
  • Children (under 18 years old) must have permission to enter the Competition from a parent or guardian who will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by the Rules. We reserve the right to ask for proof of permission.
  • Your entry may comprise of stories, poems, drama and can include illustrations or drawings
  • A panel of teachers will review the entries and select the competition finalists “the Finalists”
  • Entry’s will be judged on
    • Creativity
    • Imagination
    • Use of language
    • Originality
    • Interpretation of theme (if applicable)
    • Age is taken into consideration
    • Any learning difficulties editors are made aware of are taken into consideration
  • All finalists will have their entries published in an Oasis Hobmoor Writing Competition magazine “the Anthology”. Entries will also be published on the school website. The proceeds of any books sold will be put towards supporting Oasis Academy Musoto in Uganda
  • Being chosen for publication is not “winning” the competition
  • Winners are chosen as the best writer or poet based on the judging criteria above selected from the finalists
  • Winners names and ages will be displayed in the publication and on the school website
  • All prizes are not transferable. No cash alternative is available for any prize
  • In consideration for Oasis Academy Hobmoor’s acceptance of an entry and by submitting an entry to the Competition:
    • each entrant, as you are under 18, his or her parent or guardian gives Oasis Academy Hobmoor and designated companies permission to use and publish his or her entry to the Competition in any media and format throughout the world, including in the Anthology and in a gallery on the Website.
    • each entrant, as you are under 18, his or her parent or guardian waives all moral rights in his or her entry to the Competition; and
    • each entrant, as you are under 18, his or her parent or guardian warrants that nothing in his or her entry will infringe the copyright or any other intellectual property right of any third party or defame any third party.
  • Each finalist agrees to assign copyright of his or her entry to Oasis Academy Hobmoor confirming the permissions, waivers and warranties given above.
  • These Rules are governed by English law and the Courts of England and Wales have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising out of the Rules.

The producer of Oasis Academy Hobmoor Writing Competition is Mercurial Dance Limited, Company No. 5014680. Vat Registration No. 231362149. 11a Canal Warehouse, Leicester Row, Coventry, CV1 4LH “the Producer”


Mission 2097 – creating work inspired by the future

My name is Emma and I have been working with students at Hobmoor again this term to create videos, animations, comics and other visual work based on our theme of what the world might be like in the future: ‘Mission 2097’.

I make videos and lead workshops teaching others how to make their own films and animations using whatever technology they have access to. There are so many great apps out there for our phones and tablets that make it easy for us to flex our creative muscles!

This term I have been working with years 1, 2, 4, and class 6D – I had already worked with the year 4s when they were in year 3, so they already had a bit of a head start on the apps we have been using.

At the beginning of term we talked about what we thought the world might look like in the future, including the homes we would be living in, the vehicles and other technology we might have, and how we ourselves might change.

Future house and guard robot
Future house and guard robot – made using Huepaint


Robot eyes!
Robot eyes!

 Moving images

Once we had talked through some ideas of how the design of our future houses, appliances and vehicles might look and what features they might have, we also talked about our own appearances and how human bodies might change. Could we find a cure for ageing? Would prosthetic limbs and body parts be improved? Would we be able to even change our biology, or that of other animals?

To explore this, we used drawing animation with iPad app I Can Animate, an affordable and very simple to use animation app. The app has an ‘onion skinning’ feature which allows you to see the ‘ghost’ of the last picture you talk, so it helps users to line up their object or drawing in the right place for each photo.

Robot car – made using I Can Animate

Robot friends – made using I Can Animate

Interviews, ads and trailers

For the video work, we used iMovie, a very simple app for filmmaking. We interviewed eachother about our future predictions, made trailers for futuristic movies, and also advertisements for future products.


Most recently, we have been using the app Comic Life to create comic strips and posters trying to teach people ways that they can change or things they can do to make the future better. The messages we have concentrated on the most are bullying, dropping litter, and racism.

Comic about littering - made in Comic Life
Comic about littering – made in Comic Life

On Wednesday the 7th of December we will be putting all of this work on display in the hall and innovation studio, so watch this space!

Virtual Futures

Hello! Ben Neal here, I’m a Creative Coder and Gadgeteer who’s been working with years 5 and 6 to create futuristic computer controllers to navigate around virtual worlds filled with our artwork.

During last term we used the LittleBits kits and MakeyMakeys to create our own Human Interface Devices made from recycled cardboard boxes and padded envelopes to replace the mouse and keyboard.

We made drawings of what we think we’ll look like in the year 2097 and added these to an interactive 3D world around which we can navigate and explore.

Below you can see some screenshots of what we’ve been up to and an animation of a virtual wall full of students work.

Click play to watch the video above

LittleBits kit
LittleBits kit
3D World
Inventor’s Schematic
Interactive vitual boxes


Group 1 Reflection

Loeeza: I had a amazing day today i did high ropes and zip wire and I really enjoyed it

Areeba:  I had a fabulous day! I am really enjoying it! I did high ropes, abseiling and zip wire it was a really good experience and I will remember this for my lifetime.

Ismail: I loved the archery it was a fun time and the abseiling also the team games!

Usman 6S: today zip liner was awasome, it was amazing like  I was flying! Tommorow I want to do good in the problem solving.

ZULQURNAIN: I have had an amazing day, best day ever!  So sad going home tomorrow. I had an awesome time at archery along with the abseiling,high ropes and the zip wire was phenomenal.

Kabeer: Today i had a good day also yesterday we have done many fun activities and we have done very scary stuff such as rock climbing and high ropes bye and thank you for viewing this comment                                                                                                    

Fayzan: I have had so much fun and I went on the high ropes and I went abseiling also, zip wire and I had an absolute fun time here at Whitemoor lakes! Thank you for bringing me!

Patrick: Today I did a challenge course and I did archery. I can’t wait for tomorrow because then I am going home. It was fantastic.

Kaleem: I have loved what I have done today. I went to the to the top of the climbing wall. I really liked the zip wire, I let go of the rope on the zip wire and I showed my muscles back at the  place that I jumped off and I went to the top on the high ropes . I also did the leap of faith and I jumped from the top of the high ropes and caught the bar that was hanging in mid air with one hand.  Can’t wait to come home

Armaan: I had a really fun time i think the abseiling was the best and i liked the zip wire 2nd best . Can’t wait for tommorow because I will go home.

Ali: it has been a really fun day we been abseiling and going on the zipwire we done archery that was really fun and extreme teams was really good and we won it has been a really good day.

Group 2 Reflection

Group 2

Megan: Today was great but scary because  group 2 had to do : High ropes,rock climbing and much more it was really fun. See you tomorrow all at school we’ve had a great time at Whitemoor lakes😎

Amelia:I’ve had a lot of fun see my family tomorrow

Taiefah: Today was one of the best days,we got to do challenges like the high ropes and fencing.I am looking forward to see my family✌

Maleeha: Today was such a good day, but I also can’t wait to go back home!✌

Fizzah : I’ve had so much fun i had got scared 😳 of everything I kinda had a turn on the balance bar…

Zorha: I had sooooooo much fun today I went rock climbing and I went to the very top I was so proud of myself for achieving my goal it was my favourite I miss you mum 😍

Tas: Today was an amazing day. Dreading tomorrow for our departs .👍

Ryan Towle: I really enjoyed today. I wish we could stay for longer. I loved everything.😀

Hurain: I really enjoyed this day today. We did high ropes and rock climbing. The rock climbing was the scariest because I didn’t know where to go and I slipped twice. Any way it was very fun. Also, SEE YOU GUYS TOMORROW AT 🏡 AND SCHOOL!!!!

Mahdi Bird: I miss all my family I hope to see you all soon. Today I climbed the rock climbing which is a big achievement for me.

AWIAS😎My favourite part was the high wire  and I’m looking forward to challenge course 2.

Shabaz: My favourite part was the rock climbing and the high ropes.the extreme team games was very fun I am looking forward to the challenge course 2.

Group 3 Reflection

Group 3

Layla Banaras 6S: today we did high ropes and zip wire and we did absailing car to wait till tomorrow

Renae Francis 6s: today has been very fun Carnot wait till tomorrow when I will see my family

Faith 6S 😜

Today has been fun we have done abseiling and zip wires all sorts of fun!

Sarah Bibi 6s: Today was so awesome we had a go on the zip wire (most of us) we also did abseiling (again most of us) we also went on the high ropes which was kinda scary. Can’t till tomorrow we’re we do rock climbing and we get to see our family’s.

Iqra 6s: I loved today.First we went on the high ropes and they were soooooo high!!!!!! Then we did the abseiling,first I didn’t do it but then I did it also there was a zip wire it was so coooooool’!!!!!!!!!!😜Finally we did problem solving it was very interesting and loads of fun. Cannot wait to go home to my family❤

Damique 6d: I miss my family but I had a fantastic time here can’t wait to go home😊

Ritika 6s: I can’t wait for tomorrow because I am going to go home 🏡 and see my mum because I’m missing her

Saif 6S: I can’t wait for tomorrow because I’m going home and I can see my family  i miss my family

Ali 6D: The best part about today was definitely the zip wire,and the abseiling was really fun!Also, Mr Darnley and Mrs Rollins let us have tea!😎

Shah 6D: Today I have learned about how to abseil and zip wire so I really grateful about it🏡