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Every Child Is An Artist – Spring Exhibition Video

Every Child Is An Artist – Visual Arts from Mercurial Dance on Vimeo.

At the end of last term we celebrated the great work the children did with our artists, Elaine, Claire, Faith, Emma and Jayne. Our exhibition took place throughout the school and this short film shares some of the amibitions about how the project worked and what the children made.

Our theme for the term was ‘Our Community’ and we explored this in different ways with each class, using different media including clay to make ceramic totems, found objects, recycled materials, and screen printing.

The new team for Every Child Is An Artist

This term we welcome a new team of visual artists who are working with the children – Claire, Elaine and Faith. ‘Our Community’ is the theme we are working with over the term. Here is a little about each of our Artists.

Faith Pearson

I started working as an artist when I was very small and I never stopped. I have always used anything I could find to create my art and when I had made it I played with it too. I made puppet shows, costumes and I even made a miniature holiday camp and my own little pets.

Now I earn a living making things and I love making things with other people especially children because they have big imaginations and lots of ideas.

I think that creativity and play are things that humans need to do to survive just as important as eating and sleeping.

Human beings have created things with whatever they could find for thousands of years and we will be looking at some of these artworks as inspiration for our project this term.


Here is Transforma Family – a work Faith made earlier in the year.

Claire Hickey

I am a Visual Artist and Creative Practitioner with over 7 years experience working within the arts in a variety of freelance and employed positions specifically in education, outreach and project co-ordination. I have worked with a wide range of people in schools, galleries, healthcare settings, youth groups and the lifelong learning sector and have recently completed an MA in Art & Design at Birmingham City University.

I have delivered a wide range of visual arts projects in schools (including primary) with a main focus on 3D creative explorations. I particularly enjoy developing projects in collaboration with staff and children that follows their interests and encompasses a hands-on approach to learning.

I use a wide variety of materials and techniques in my work including clay, plaster, concrete, wire, fabric, paper, found objects, soap and wax with methods ranging from mould-making, casting, carving to construction.

Photo 04-11-2013 14 18 12This piece by Claire is from “Test Bed” at Kingshurst Arts Space, 2013

Elaine Lim-Newton

I am a professional ceramic artist creating sculptural forms inspired by a life long fascination with the natural world. I exhibit and sell my work through galleries and events across the UK and have received several commissions and awards from organisations such as the Arts Council England for a number of collaborative community projects, relevant examples include the Biome and Ceramica projects.

Current ideas include: The design and creation of large modular mosaics composed from ceramic relief tiles and other interesting media, these could be mounted on a handpainted patterned wooden board. large sculptural forms made in clay, wire or card these pieces could be hung from the ceiling or wall for something a little different. Or perhaps the creation of several totem type sculptures composed of several modular pieces.

Under the theme of ‘Our community’ we will take inspiration from Yardleys Heritage and history, life at the oasis academy, the varied cultural backgrounds of the participants and my own work and inspirations..

  1. These Ceramic objects were made by Elaine in her “Propogation Range” exploring beautiful glazes with textural forms.