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Hobmoor Writing Competition 2017

Well done to all you tallented writers!

We had a collection of fantastic entries from year 1 all the way through to year 6 for our Aspire Day Writing Competition. All of the entries have been carefully read and collated into two magazines.  Serena Arthur, young poet laureate for Birmingham 2016 is our judge and the winners will be announced.

Printed copies of the magazine are available to order from the office at £5.99 each or by filling in the order form in your children’s bags. They are super high quality, full colour and every story in the pages below. Once a main print run has been ordered extra copies will be available to be ordered from the publishers website.

You can read the e-version for free below.

JustWrite yrs 1 to 4
JustWrite yrs 5 & 6


Oasis Academy Hobmoor Writing Competition

Oasis Academy Hobmoor Writing Competition!

Hand your work into your class teacher by Monday 20th March.

Write a story, poem, drama script or comic and have the chance to see your work published in a real book!

As part of our Love Language Aspire day we have launched a creative writing competition for all the children at Oasis Academy Hobmoor to enter, with shortlisted stories and winning entries published in a new book – a collection of the children’s work created especially for the school.

Everyone a winner!

All finished and complete entries by the children will be published in a professionally printed magazine for each class. Copies of these will be available for parents to buy for approximately £4.99. Proceeds (approx £1 per magazine) will go to support learning in our partner academy Oasis Academy Musoto in Uganda.

What do I write about?

You can use the inspiration from our Love Language day or write a new story, poem, drama script or comic about any theme you like.

Competition Rules

  • Only one entry per pupil
  • Ensure that all pupils include their name, surname, class and age on their entries
  • Stories can be on the entry form or separate A4 sheet leaving a 1cm boundary
  • Stories must be your own work, not copied.
  • Pictures, illustrations and drawings must be your own work, not copied
  • Entries must be no longer than 2 x pages A4
  • By entering the competition entrants will be deemed to have accepted the Rules (terms of entry) and be bound by them. See for full terms

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Use of language
  • Originality
  • Interpretation of theme (if applicable)
  • Age is taken into consideration
  • Any learning difficulties editors are made aware of are taken into consideration


Your work will be published in a class magazine, copies available for parents to purchase.

A shortlist of up to 20 of the best stories of the finalists will be collated together and published in a hardback book, available for parents to purchase.


In each age category one lucky winner will receive a Kindle Fire as the prize!


Age categories:

  • Reception, Year 1 and 2
  • Year 3 and 4
  • Year 5 and 6

Deadline – hand it in to win!

Put your  NAME___________Class __________ Age_____ on each page.


Hand your work into your class teacher by Monday 20th March.




Terms of Entry “the Rules”

  • Entry to the competition is Free
  • The Competition is open to children at Oasis Academy Hobmoor
  • The Competition has age categories: Reception, Year 1 and 2; Year 3 and 4; Year 5 and 6
  • Children (under 18 years old) must have permission to enter the Competition from a parent or guardian who will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by the Rules. We reserve the right to ask for proof of permission.
  • Your entry may comprise of stories, poems, drama and can include illustrations or drawings
  • A panel of teachers will review the entries and select the competition finalists “the Finalists”
  • Entry’s will be judged on
    • Creativity
    • Imagination
    • Use of language
    • Originality
    • Interpretation of theme (if applicable)
    • Age is taken into consideration
    • Any learning difficulties editors are made aware of are taken into consideration
  • All finalists will have their entries published in an Oasis Hobmoor Writing Competition magazine “the Anthology”. Entries will also be published on the school website. The proceeds of any books sold will be put towards supporting Oasis Academy Musoto in Uganda
  • Being chosen for publication is not “winning” the competition
  • Winners are chosen as the best writer or poet based on the judging criteria above selected from the finalists
  • Winners names and ages will be displayed in the publication and on the school website
  • All prizes are not transferable. No cash alternative is available for any prize
  • In consideration for Oasis Academy Hobmoor’s acceptance of an entry and by submitting an entry to the Competition:
    • each entrant, as you are under 18, his or her parent or guardian gives Oasis Academy Hobmoor and designated companies permission to use and publish his or her entry to the Competition in any media and format throughout the world, including in the Anthology and in a gallery on the Website.
    • each entrant, as you are under 18, his or her parent or guardian waives all moral rights in his or her entry to the Competition; and
    • each entrant, as you are under 18, his or her parent or guardian warrants that nothing in his or her entry will infringe the copyright or any other intellectual property right of any third party or defame any third party.
  • Each finalist agrees to assign copyright of his or her entry to Oasis Academy Hobmoor confirming the permissions, waivers and warranties given above.
  • These Rules are governed by English law and the Courts of England and Wales have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising out of the Rules.

The producer of Oasis Academy Hobmoor Writing Competition is Mercurial Dance Limited, Company No. 5014680. Vat Registration No. 231362149. 11a Canal Warehouse, Leicester Row, Coventry, CV1 4LH “the Producer”


Culture day in year 1

Yesterday in Year 1 we explored different countries and cultures. We looked at Barbados, France, Italy and Pakistan.

We learnt about each country, tasted food and learnt different languages.





Which food was your favourite and why?

Every Child Is An Artist – Spring Exhibition Video

Every Child Is An Artist – Visual Arts from Mercurial Dance on Vimeo.

At the end of last term we celebrated the great work the children did with our artists, Elaine, Claire, Faith, Emma and Jayne. Our exhibition took place throughout the school and this short film shares some of the amibitions about how the project worked and what the children made.

Our theme for the term was ‘Our Community’ and we explored this in different ways with each class, using different media including clay to make ceramic totems, found objects, recycled materials, and screen printing.

Screen Printing with Jayne

We welcome Jayne to work with years 1 and 6 this half of term. Here is a bit about her

Jayne Hughes is artist and arts educator who’s practice explores the theme of relationships through the media of sculpture and print.  She teaches drawing and painting from pre school right through to a 90 year old student. I am interested in investigating the social norms, rules, and boundaries that are presented through everyday interaction.  Our experience in the world is embedded with cultural, historical, and personal mythologies that reinforce our sense of self, and belonging. However, a desire to explore brings about a sense of tension between what we know and new possibilities as we weave a path through our lives.  It is these junctures that interest me.

Here is what she has been upto with Years 1 and  6IMG_0990

Session One

Working with both years one and six we all discussed the theme of community.  We generated ideas about ourselves and where community begins and ends.  We explored landmarks, signs, and recognisable features within the community, and Two M’s became a very popular landmark building. Two M’s is a shop that offers amazing sweets such as ‘brain lickers’.
I collected written information on the board, and the children produced images of their local community, and created shields or badges that would identify their community.  We discovered that our community is based mainly in Yardley, within Birmingham, within England, Within UK, within the Earth, within the World, within the Universe. . . From the stars in the sky to the classroom we are connected to everything around us; and where our community begins and ends is still open to debate.

Session Two

Year one used their community drawings and shields from last week to create images for a printing plate.  They inked their plate with their chosen colour and printed on individual triangles of bunting.  The bunting theme was decided on last week as flags and motifs were highlighted by most children as a way of recognising community.  We also discussed pirate ships, travelling, family overseas, and celebrations last week, so bunting originally coming from boats, and now used to celebrate offered a great way to pull our ideas together in a collaborative work. Year One worked so hard to make their flags.  Year six didn’t quite get around to printing all of their flags due to time restraints, however they are ready to go for another session and look fab.

Every Child Is An Artist sculptures with Claire

The first half term of 2016, Years 1 and 6 spent time exploring sculpture, our community and surrounding environment. Each week we looked at different artists that have created sculptures in many different ways from the very old to the very new. We have also been using lots of different materials just like those artists and have learnt how sculpture can be almost anything and can be made from almost anything!

We started by making quick mini sculptures from a small selection of everyday materials. The children created some brilliant patterns and colourful structures and changed their works by swapping or sharing another person’s materials. We developed these works the next week and started working much bigger and joining materials together and thinking about the spaces these works could be made and shown.

A key theme for this project has been how our bodies can also become sculpture either through hands-on making or by becoming a sculptural material itself! By putting our bodies in different poses and using found objects as props, the children acted out their own sculptural performances that were captured through photography and film. They also used their bodies to make their mark on squishy materials such as plasticine, foil, paper and wire.

Later in the project, the children worked on large scale drawings to tell stories of their lives and how these were linked with the wider community of the school and Yardley. Each class also went on a Learning Walk in the school grounds to discover how materials, objects, textures and sounds could be found in their everyday surroundings and used to make art.

At the end of half term, the Year 6 classes thought more in-depth about the power of art to comment on important issues. We looked at protest artists and the children devised their own private messages for a secret ballot and public signs that were held up and photographed and explored deconstruction and risk by making and breaking clay pieces.

Chopstick Challenge

As part of our Chinese New Year celebrations we had a go at using chopsticks! We had to be great ‘Selfies’ to held us concentrate and persevere to help us keep trying.   We found that marshmallows were the easiest to pick up, followed by Smarties, Maltesers and finally Millions!                                        “The Smarties were hard to pick up because they were very smooth” – Aminah B 1A “The millions will be harder to pick up because

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they are smaller” – Abbas 1J “I kept trying and practising until I could do it” – Shuraim 1J     “At first I couldn’t do it, now I can!” – Jaiden 1J   “I loved it because we had so much fun ” – Duaa  

The new team for Every Child Is An Artist

This term we welcome a new team of visual artists who are working with the children – Claire, Elaine and Faith. ‘Our Community’ is the theme we are working with over the term. Here is a little about each of our Artists.

Faith Pearson

I started working as an artist when I was very small and I never stopped. I have always used anything I could find to create my art and when I had made it I played with it too. I made puppet shows, costumes and I even made a miniature holiday camp and my own little pets.

Now I earn a living making things and I love making things with other people especially children because they have big imaginations and lots of ideas.

I think that creativity and play are things that humans need to do to survive just as important as eating and sleeping.

Human beings have created things with whatever they could find for thousands of years and we will be looking at some of these artworks as inspiration for our project this term.


Here is Transforma Family – a work Faith made earlier in the year.

Claire Hickey

I am a Visual Artist and Creative Practitioner with over 7 years experience working within the arts in a variety of freelance and employed positions specifically in education, outreach and project co-ordination. I have worked with a wide range of people in schools, galleries, healthcare settings, youth groups and the lifelong learning sector and have recently completed an MA in Art & Design at Birmingham City University.

I have delivered a wide range of visual arts projects in schools (including primary) with a main focus on 3D creative explorations. I particularly enjoy developing projects in collaboration with staff and children that follows their interests and encompasses a hands-on approach to learning.

I use a wide variety of materials and techniques in my work including clay, plaster, concrete, wire, fabric, paper, found objects, soap and wax with methods ranging from mould-making, casting, carving to construction.

Photo 04-11-2013 14 18 12This piece by Claire is from “Test Bed” at Kingshurst Arts Space, 2013

Elaine Lim-Newton

I am a professional ceramic artist creating sculptural forms inspired by a life long fascination with the natural world. I exhibit and sell my work through galleries and events across the UK and have received several commissions and awards from organisations such as the Arts Council England for a number of collaborative community projects, relevant examples include the Biome and Ceramica projects.

Current ideas include: The design and creation of large modular mosaics composed from ceramic relief tiles and other interesting media, these could be mounted on a handpainted patterned wooden board. large sculptural forms made in clay, wire or card these pieces could be hung from the ceiling or wall for something a little different. Or perhaps the creation of several totem type sculptures composed of several modular pieces.

Under the theme of ‘Our community’ we will take inspiration from Yardleys Heritage and history, life at the oasis academy, the varied cultural backgrounds of the participants and my own work and inspirations..

  1. These Ceramic objects were made by Elaine in her “Propogation Range” exploring beautiful glazes with textural forms.