playing with technology written by Ali and Tammie

A few weeks ago we have been learning about the mission 2097 and we have created how the future would be like and created ourselves.We made little bits and makey makey we used schematics to help us.With all of this it made electronic wheels and saw them rolling.A few weeks ago we made controllers  that could be touched and use to move around.Last week we had the exhibition and different tech was used and our technology was used our controllers were there and our pictures.We made boxes and glued and sticked pictures that we drawed and in the exhibition we used our controllers to move the cardboard box with all our pictures and the controller moved the box left right up and down.


working with Ben has been a blast.It was innovative and creative.Im hoping that the next project will be as good as this one.Drawing pictures for the box controller was fun also making controllers was fun as ever.Even drawing ourselves in 2087 was extremely creative.I and many others will miss this goodbye ben and goodbye this has been fun and exiting.this project was one of my favrioute  projects so long to this exiting on of my most favroute projects.


in year 6 we have been learning about technology with ben we drew pictures of ourselves in the year2097 of when we are 80 yrs old we made our own controls using the envelopes and using our makey makeys                 we used little bits to bring our pictures to life     ben was a excellent technologist  and we will miss him a lot our class would agree with me             img_0177 

this is a picture to show year 6's controllers being used
this is a picture to show year 6’s controllers being used




zulqy & kabeer

hi i enjoyed every minute of it like we created a controller and i did a lego ninjago one and it looks amazing and when i was doing it i was inspired to do this at home also we have made moving things with little bits after we made our machines we reviewd them to everyone which was a amazing experience .

Hatton Country World!

This week some of Nursery took an exciting Christmas trip to Hatton Country World! We looked at all the animals on the farm, played in the big play area that had a massive slide and even got to meet Santa! Santa gave us a magic key to get a present from his workshop and we had so much to choose from!!

Please check the next blog post for pictures!

We had such a fantastic day!