Alpaca Walking

A couple of weeks ago Year 1 had the opportunity to go out and feed the male alpacas, Cookies and Cream. Then we decided to take them up on the field for a walk. We had to be very sensible and not let go of the leads.

We were so glad when Year 5 joined us. We had a great time!
Mrs Turner can’t wait to walk the female alpacas.

Welcome to Foundation Stage!!

Hello everyone and welcome to Oasis Academy Hobmoor Foundation Stage! Over the past few weeks our Nursery and Reception children have been starting school and we are happy to say they have settled really well! Have a look at some of the exciting things we have been getting up to over the past few days!

There will be lots of updates here for Nursery and Reception throughout the year so keep an eye on each classes page!

We look forward to working with you and your children!

The OAH Foundation Stage Team.



























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