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Aspire Week 2016

“We believe that real education should help us live ‘on purpose’. Aspire provokes us all to think about two questions: Who am I? Where am I going? It is a range of experiences that plant seeds… seeds that will flourish throughout our lives.” Paul Tarry, Principal

Here are a series of short films made about the week and theres much more to find out about what we have been upto on the blog by clicking #Aspire in the word cloud on the left.

Oasis Hobmoor Aspire Week 2016 – Oasis Nine Habits from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

Oasis Hobmoor Aspire Week 2016 – Trips to University Of Birmingham from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

Oasis Hobmoor Aspire Week 2016 – Trips to BMag and IKON from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

Oasis Hobmoor Aspire Week 2016 – Trips to Coventry Cathedral from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

Oasis Hobmoor Aspire Week 2016 – Our Guest Workshops from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

Giving the children a series of steps to think about Who am I and where am I going? we looked at

Who am I?
Trips to cultural institutions like IKON, BMaG, Coventry Cathedral and the Library help us explore our identity and culture.

What do I believe?
Guest leaders such as Clive Fowle and The Feast help us to explore our beliefs and how these shape how we think, feel and act for today and in the future.

How should I behave?
The Oasis Nine Habits help us think about the kind of person we want to become. What habits do we need to achieve our ambitions and work together in a thriving, healthy community? These are: Compassionate, Patient, Humble, Hopeful, Honest, Joyful, Considerate, Self-controlled, Forgiving.

What action do I take to achieve my goals?
Blessing Maragere, Young Entrepreneur and Serena Arthur, Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham are two of the people who’ve worked with us. They are role models who have achieved their aspirations at a young age, they helped us to see what is possible by talking about the steps they took to success.

Ikon Black Country Voyages – The Auspicious Journey

Mahtab Hussain is lead artist for Black Country Voyages 2016. He has converted Ikon’s canal boat into The Auspicious Journey, a story of mass displacement of people in Kashmir, Pakistan in the 1960s resulting from construction of the Mangla Dam. Many people affected came to Britain to find work around the canals of the Black Country.

Mahtab Hussain is making work about the dam using clay and traditional photography and would like to speak to people affected by this story.

Black Country Voyages (2014–2017) is an art programme for local people, taking place on board a canal boat.

Come and get involved this summer at free workshops.

Please comment on this post if you took part in the workshop.



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Year 5 National Forest Day 4

Today was spent kata-canoeing and go-karting in the morning. In the afternoon we did some team building involving sack racing , spent time in a maze and went back through the barefoot walk before ending the day on the adventure playground. At last the weather was hot and sunny and we managed to stay dry apart from those of us who got over exciting on the barefoot walk!


Year 5 National Forest Day 4

Today was spent kata-canoeing and go-karting in the morning. In the afternoon we did some team building involving sack racing , spent time in a maze and went back through the barefoot walk before ending the day on the adventure playground. At last the weather was hot and sunny and we managed to stay dry apart from those of us who got over exciting on the barefoot walk!

Year 5 National Forest Day 3

Due to technical difficulties, the number of photos will be reduced over the next few days. Hopefully normal service will be resumed at the weekend when I can get to a normal computer.

Today was spent doing archery and building more substantial shelters. In the afternoon we went around high and low rope courses, had a go on the climbing wall and best of all, went down a huge zip wire.

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