Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny popped into Year 5 to let us know that he had left Easter Eggs around the school for us. We had an eggcellent, eggciting, eggtraordinary time hunting for them.

We wish everyone a fun holiday and look forward to seeing everyone again on Monday, 11th April. 😄


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Coordinates, Electronics and Treasure – Aspire Day

My name is Ashley and Im a Digital Artist who has worked in Hobmoor as part of the Every Child Is An Artist project.

Today for Aspire Day I worked with pupils and we used a combination of Maths skills, alongside engineering and electronics to be pirates out to discover and retrieve treasure.

Problem Solving

Most of the Maths we used today involved problem solving. One of the most used skills across the curriculum from subjects such as science to sports and all areas of development.

Logical Thinking

Working iteratively and making decisions based on estimates and coming to conclusions based on a process of thinking and elimination.

Coordinates and Maps

Using columns and rows to describe a position on a map and to use terminology to pinpoint a place.

Directions / Instructions

Using instructions to create a series of coordinates so that a route could be followed across the map to avoid the obstacles.

Electronics and Engineering

Using Little Bits to create a pirate winch to haul up the treasure chest. We worked iteratively to improve our design to build a strong enough winch to lift the weight of the treasure box.


What did we make ?

The pupils created instructions from the Maps to find routes across the seas to reach the Treasure and then constructed a working crane winch to lift up the treasure box containing a stash of chocolate bunnies !




Shape hunting for maths aspire day!!!

Yesterday was a very maths filled day here at Oasis Academy Hobmoor. We had our first ever maths aspire day where everyone split off into a variety of exciting maths workshops!

Here in Reception we took part in a shape hunt around school, we went looking for circles, squares, triangles and rectangles! We found lots and ticked off what we had found on our special shape hunt sheets!

After we had finished we came back to the classroom and took part in lots of fun shape activities!!

What a fun day we had!

Reception and Miss F













More super science!!

Last Thursday we had a visit from Rocket who came to talk to us all about bubbles!!! We had a fantastic time taking part in all his exciting experiments! We learned how to make our own bubbles and why we can see different colours in bubbles! We had so much fun!!







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Year 5 Budding Astronauts

As part of our topic Stargazers, we went to The National Space Museum at Leicester. We learnt lots of amazing things, landed on the moon with our astronaut suits and managed to launch a probe to track and intercept a new comet which we called Hobmoor Gazer. If you want to see even more photos, please look on drive@oasishobmoor.org


Our fun filled Events (2H)

We have had a busy term filled with visits from lots of different people and fun filled days. In this blog we will be showing you a few of the different things we have done, with pictures and descriptions of each event.

We were lucky enough to have a visit from an Ted Dewan, who is the author of the BING books (Currently a programme on CBeebies) It was brilliant to learn about how he came up with the idea of BING. He introduced us to his puppet, read us books written by him, and some of us even purchased a BING booked signed by the author himself.


World Book Day was a great day, we dressed up as our favourite book characters, had a parade where we got to show off our lovely costumes and had paired reading sessions in our classroom.


We won at the CARROT Tokens and had a CARROT afternoon where we had party food, party games and lots of dancing. We had prizes for the best dancer and also had prizes for those who won at the games we played, it was such fun!


We had an afternoon of problem solving. We had to use coordinates to get to the end of the grid, it was tricky work, but we worked as Teemz with our class and made it across.

This visitor helped us to see the affects of science in the environment, we got to make our very own slime, it was super fun!


We went in search of mini beasts during our mini beast hunt as part of our topic Wriggle and Crawl. Some of us were even brave enough to hold them.


Here we were visited by the Fizzpop Science people, they discussed with us the different affects light has on things around us. We got to make super cool bracelets that change colour under UV Rays.


Since September we have had the privelige of working with two different artists; Miss Elaine and Miss Faith. We have learned so many different skills from these two artists. There was sewing, working with clay, creating our own making villages, making our very own mini me. The different techniques we learned were rolling, pinching, threading, knotting and many more. This will be our last week with Elaine and Miss Faith, we will miss having them teach us. Here are some pictures of the sessions we had with them.




We hope you enjoyed reading all about the fun times we have had together. We hope to post more for you to see soon.


Trip to Butterfly Farm (2H)

We had a fantastic time at the Butterfly Farm. We got the opportunity to hold a millipede, had butterflies land on us, and saw an iguana aswell as different insects. After our tour around the Butterfly Farm we had lunch at the Adventure playground and then got to play on the equipment before heading back to school. It was an amazing day and we had lots of fun!




Fizz Pop Science – 1A

On Friday we welcomed Rocket into our class to explore Science.


He taught us all about our taste buds and what different tastes that they can pick up.

Then he made water fizzy by mixing it with acid.
Finally we made our own sherbet sweets. 

With our goggles on we felt like proper scientists!

We wrote all about what we had done.

I hope you all enjoyed your sherbet 1A

Miss Arthur x

Fizzpop Science

What an amazing time we had with 3, 2, 1 Blast Off.

We made our own mini rockets using straws. Please ask if you want to know how.

Outside we all had a turn using an airpad rocket launcher. We then helped launch an air rocket, a water rocket and a pyrotechnic rocket, which went so high, we lost it over the fence!

What did you enjoy today? What have you learnt?

IMG_0078 from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

IMG_0074 from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

IMG_0071 from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

IMG_0067 from Oasis Academy Hobmoor on Vimeo.

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