Hobmoor TV

After half term we launched Hobmoor TV – the Hobmoor TV crew meet every Tuesday lunchtime to report on recent or upcoming events at the school, and conduct interviews with pupils and adults at Hobmoor.

Here’s a brief introduction to some of the TV team:


Hobmoor TV is a project that will hopefully continue into the future as it is a great way of sharing information about what is happening at the school – here is some information about tomorrow’s Christmas disco:


The team interviewed students about recent events at Hobmoor, Aspire Day and the trip to Whitemoor Lakes, and managed to get some footage of the day the ‘smoothie bikes’ came to town…


The TV crew like to talk to pupils and adults at the school to get to know a bit about them – they found out a bit about what some of the students got up to at half term:


And also got to find out a bit about me!

Year 4’s trip to the thinktank

On Thursday 26th of November 4C and 4R went to thinktank museum and it was a great time where everyone were having fun and the best part was outside was when we were playing even though it was raining we still had fun.In the thinktank we learnt that the smallest bone in the human body is the bone in your ear.Your femur and thighbone are the largest bones in your body.In the human body gallery you can explore all the different organs in our bodies and the systems that work the whole day to keep us going every day.On the 2nd floor there is a game where you have to make your very own Mini Cooper and the best game was when you have to make your very own mini duck.When we went to the gift shop nearly everyone who had brothers and sisters bought a little gift for them.



Terrific ThinkTank

On Friday 26th November we went to the Birmingham museum which was called the ThinkTank we was so excited by all the floors. My favourite floor was the space floor there was lots of facts facts. Did you know 200 cells are in your body Did you know when you put your hands in cold water and hot water it confuses the brain so it make you feel. One temperature. We was all amazed by these things.In the space gallery was a planetarium,Unfortunately we couldn’t go inside but I thought it was going to be good.









Year 3 volcanoes

This year 3K and 3C have been making volcanoes and they have been having lots of fun and when they were doing the paper mâché everyone got covered in water so they all ended up going home wet and soggy. The best thing about making volcanoes were that everyone get’s a turn and everyone always has fun in this school and this school is getting better and better each year.

We’re going on a bear hunt!!

Yesterday Reception took a very exciting visit to the MAC theatre to see a production of we’re going on a bear hunt! We got on a bus and went all the way to the theatre! We enjoyed watching the show and even got to stand on the stage after! What an exciting afternoon we had!

Reception and Miss F





My terrible experience 

On that night 14th 1912 I experience something that I thought I’ll never experience before I was on the titanic I was so excited that we where 3 thirds away from New York I was first class  I was sitting on my bunk until I felt a jerk like speed bumps we where going to new your from south amthem the only thing the caption said was all hands on deck  we where all given life jackets to wear I found out that she hit an ice burg.

People where shoving pushing and screaming so I hung on my mum and dad so I don’t get lost evening was running to the life boats children where crying because they had leave there dad or uncle or grandfather.

We all where forced to go on the life boats but only women’s and children where aloud every one was gone escaped me and my mum we said to the caption where not going if my dad nots going so he said my dad can go too I was so happy when he said my dad can come so we quirky went on the last life boat

It was so said to see the people sink and die with terrified scared terrified I hope this never happens to anyone again or experiences it .

My worst nightmare on the titanic!

In April14th i thought that I wouldn’t survive…
Standing on the top deck I felt a shiver that ran through the ship
It wasn’t long before I realised we had hit an iceberg,soon I saw
the ship going lower and lower and colder and colder into the greenish sea.
Everyone rushing side to side pushing people off everyone was annoyed…
We entered the region where the ice tasted salty and bitter and it smelt like

Terrified,worried,scared,everyone screaming and shouting I hung on to
my mother so I don’t lose her ,when people pushing us,I saw one more boat
so I waited on the last one…

So I came on the last life boat and watched the titanic sink . So we
Went back and sadly thinking of other people…

Me and my scared family on the Titanic

It was the treble night. On April 14th 1912. Im still remember this catastrophe,how ay close my eyes ay can see this,yam standing on the top of the gigantic ship titanic the people’s singing and dancing. At the second the massive titanic are crash whys the ice berg. Every wan panic and scared,mam’s whys the cildes ran to the life bout ay go find my family. Then my women and my child ran to the life boat ay go quickly look if are not any children’s on the ship,then ay pull the rope and we are find on the water ay look back the titanic was turning over and sliding down to the col water. At the next day different ship find me and my family,in this time ay was very terrified,scered,desperd,ay gone remember this. That’s are in my memory for end my life.


On that night Of April 14 1912 I felt a bump. I went to find what had happened. The staff told me we crashed into an iceberg. It was an extreme chaos. I saw children crying and people losing their parents. I thought I was going to die. I was only 15 years old. The boat was called the unsinkable. We had a section for the rich,the slitley rich and the poor. 
I saw life boats. My dad was not aloud to go on the life boats. It was just me and my mom. My mom would not let me go anywhere. I was scared. My dad had a tear in his eye. I did not want to leave my dad. I was heart broken. 
Eventually me and my dad went on the life boats. I said good bye for the last time. It was dark and freezing . All I said was good bye.
By samera 

My Terrifying Experience On The Titanic.

I am now sitting on my bunk, but on April 1912, I experienced something that will stay with me forever,now and here after. Disaster struck the Titanic. The Titanic felt like it was jerking but the Titanic, was almost about to sink on April 14th 11:40, we were all sprinting into the 1st class lobby.

My mother forced me to disguise as a women so that I can get on the Lifeboat but I declined, everyone was terrified and screaming. In my bedroom it was horrible the noise, the shaking. Everyone was trying to escape the gigantic ship, Titanic.

By Moiz

Ronaldo  recount of titanic 

On the night of April 14,I thought that my life was over.it was when I felt a jerk,my spine shivering as the titanic was moving . I was 11 year old, when I was in titanic leaving Southampton to New York.

I was shivering so my mum wrapped me around . People were frantically screaming so that it means that the titanic is in danger

My uncle was eating a Swiss roll, my dad was watching a game (England vs Yugoslavia ) then after I felt a sudden jerk and then an authorities pushed me into the life boat as my uncle sir Adam sank as the boat was coming.

Thank for listening to my review ,


My disastrous experience on the titanic

On the day we left from Southampton I was filled with joy until I felt a sudden thump. Just then I realised that the Titanic hit an enormous iceberg everybody screaming,shouting,crying trying to get on one of the life boats but couldn’t only Women and children

People who got on one of he life boats. They were lowered into the crisp,cold sea. Just then he order was given all hands on deck. The Titanic’s destination was New York when the ship hit the iceberg my hart stroke its fear. I didn’t know what to do ? My mother told me get in one of the life boats I said no not without dad.

Questions questions whizzing through my mind what will I do? Where will I go! How will I leave dad ? Suddenly I hit myself I glared at dad and got a tear in my eye just then mom grabbed me and we both swing down a rope to get in one of the life boats and then my eyes went black.

By Samran