Rat Burger interview!

1.The book tells us about a girl with her stepmother. But she still has her real farther with her.her mom died and her dad married another lady who is called Sheila

2. My favirote part is where Burt and Sheila turn into human burgers and the rats take revenge of them

3i didn’t expecpect Sheila and Bert to make burgers.

The book is about a girl called Zoe who has a pet hamster that was murdered.
My favourite part was when Sheila got stuck in the pipe because she was to fat.
I didn’t expect Zoe’s step-mother would have such a obsession with prawn cocktail.
It’s an adventure book because she looks for her new pet rat.
I would change the part about the hamster dying.
Sheila is fat loves prawn cocktail and hates Zoe.
The key lesson is never give up on your friends and family.

Rat Burger

This book is a fantastic and it is about Rat Burger which make rats into burgers and he makes burgers out of children.
This Book made it David William and this book is an disgusting and dirty!
Sheila and Bertie VS Zoe and her dad?
And Sheila and Bertie were failed mission were they got into a burger as well like Zoe and her dad!!!
At the end Tina and Zoe did an talent show with her fantastic rat Armatidge .

Book review about Ratburger by Simone and Amal

There lived a poor girl, who’s name was Zoe. She had an awful stepmother named Sheila and had a loving and caring Dad, who was always at work.
Her stepmother is so lazy she asks Zoe to pick her nose for her. She also had a pet hamster who sadly died and his name was Gingernut. Ever since that sorrow, Zoe has been so upset and curious about how Gingernut died because there was absolutely nothing wrong with him. Zoe always had to go to sleep starving as there was nothing to eat at home. There was also a man who’s name is Raj that is the local newsagent he always sells sweets like 15for the price of 14 and also sells lots of half eaten sweets for half price. The best part of the story was when Raj ran across the road just because Zoe had a pet rat named Armatage.

THE END!!!!!


Andre and Raisahs book review

Ratburger is a very good book and it is a about a girl and her dad ,stept mum and she is horrible it’s good to read with the family it’s got some gruesome bits in there like turning rats into burgers and flobbing on Zoe’s head Zoe is the main character and Tina trot is the one that always flobs on Zoe’s head Tina trott is the school bully and Bert is the burger man that turns rats into burgers and cockroaches in to ketchup I recommend this book to all ages.

Ratburger book review

The book rat burger is a fantastic story by David Walliams.my most exiting part of the story was when Sheila and burt get squashed into the pulverises -ation machine into burgers.this book has lots of funny humour and exiting adventurous settings such as:burt’s burgers,armitge’s ices and many more!
So if you see this book in your school library be sure to pick it up because it is a very great book!

Ratburger review Raafay and Mohamed

The book is about a poor girl called, Zoe,she has some problems with her family especially with her stepmother, whom she absolutely hates and always refuses to call her mum. Her father is very caring and loving however he loses his job and Sheila causes catastrophe.

My favourite part of the story was when dad gets his ice cream van,which has lots of flavours. In addition to that, Mohamed’s favourite was the part was the part were Sheila and Bert got pulverised and eaten up by the the army of rats.

Something that I didn’t expect to happen in the story was when Tina Trott became friends with Zoe unexpectedly .
another unexpected moment was when Tina Trott was the person who Zoey felt sorry for all that time and she was her neighbours his book .

The book written by David Walliams is absolutely good the book has a good moral of loving your father no matter how he acts.

Rat burger Aman and Awais

I learnt you can draw a fake moustache and people think it’s real. I also learnt that it isn’t much of the rats fault, it is kind of the fleas fault for hitching a ride on the rats and mice. they spread the disease which turned into the plague. Also I learnt that you can eat snail and broccoli ice cream and still live.

Bert was not a very nice character as he catches rats and then pulverise the rats and turns them into the burger.The burger that he makes he feeds it to the children at a school ,which does not have good food.

Zoe is a sad little girl who is always bullied at school and her stepmother make her life a misery . She was distraught when she finds out Shella kills her pet: Gingernut. She gets bullied by Tina Trott but at the end she becomes best friends. Zoe also has a dream to make rats and animals famous.

Book Review Ratburger by Azan

The book is about a little girl called Zoey and her stepmother which killed her hamster and now she’s protecting her pet rat from a evil man and it great book from David Williams.

My favourite part of the book is when the evil man Bert and Zoeys Stepmother Sheila get eaten by the rat because it is funny and humorous and it makes you laugh every time you read the sentence.

That the evil man Bert is a blind and he eats ratburgers and gives them to little kids by selling them in his van call Berts Burgers and Zoey Finds out about it

This story engages the reader by introducing the characters Zoey Armatidge and Bert by engaging this as she is protecting and getting Armatidge back from Bert.

Let Zoe’s dead hamster Gingernut fake his his death and free the rats from Bert and Sheila and make Zoey happy with Armatidge and Zoey.

One of my favourite characters is Armatidge and the rats as he was nearly going to get hit by a massive big truck and he frees all the rats and the rats eat Sheila and Bert.

The key lessons that can be learnt are remembering zoey and Armatidge.


Odane N Mubeen RatBurger

The book was about a girl called Zoe who find a rat and a man wants to make a burger out of it. My favourite part is when the rats eat the burt and shilla burger.

Armatige was saved by Zoe and her dad. The themes or comedy action and adventure because Zoe goes through an adventure by trying to save her rat I would change GingerNut from dying Zoe is a fun and loving character who forgives everyone who disrespects her

Rat burger 🐀🍔

Rat burger was about a little girl named Zoe she had mean and fat stepmom Sheila her stepmom always ate prawn cocktail crisps. Her dad however, was a nice man who had a job as an ice cream man but he looses his job. They live in a small apartment Zoe’s dad doesn’t have enough money and gets depressed. Zoe gets bullied and teased in school she had a hamster but it died Tina lives in the flat she does and always spits in Zoe’s head. Later on Zoe finds a rat and it becomes her best friend there’s also a burger man who is mysterious and creepy there’s more secrets about him in the book. My favourite part was when Tina and Sheila were stuck in the pipe and struggled to get out.



By: Mariem & Sarah 🐹🍦🏢