A starry night

We copied Vincent Van Goghs starry night picture, we used chalk on paper furthermore, we spread the chalk around the paper with our fingers, getting very messy!!

Miss Kirby told us lots information about Van Gogh, because she visited the museum in her holidays. We found that Van Gogh cut his ear off!!! Ewwwww!

Also his brother said we don’t want to sell your pictures so you must make your painting more bright and beautiful. Then, when Van Gogh died, his brother sold all his colourful beautiful paintings, now he is very famous!!

Check out our work ….

Laila, Caleem, and Makayla





The northern lights..

First We watched a video of the Northern lights, then we used the IPads to search ‘how the northern lights are made’.

The northern lights are made from the suns explosions and solar wind pushes it towards our magnetic field that’s creates the bright greens, pinks, blues, yellows, purples and sometimes reds in our night sky, but this only happens in the article circle and sometimes in Antarctica!

Can you help us find some more information?

From NAima, Alanta, and Subhan

Mini Beast update!!!

Miss Fensome had posted on the blog last week when we had an exciting delivery of tadpoles and caterpillars! Every day they have been growing and getting stronger! The tadpoles now have small legs ready to turn in to baby frogs and the caterpillars are ready to go in to their cocoons!!
Hopefully this time time next week we will have some beautiful butterflies and some jumpy frogs!
Keep checking for updates.
Reception and Miss F



The Animal Man!

Last week in school we had an exciting visitor, the animal man! He

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bought lots of exciting animals for us to look at and hold! We were all very brave! We held cockroaches and stroked snakes, bearded dragons, a very big rabbit, a baby fox and even a skunk! Even some of the teachers had a go too! Thank you Rob for showing us your animals! Reception and Miss F