Y6 P4C…Money, Money, Money!


This week we have been discussing just how important we think money really is.

Is money the root of all evil?

Does money make the world go around?

What actually is money?

Imagine if money didn’t exist?

Does having lots of money make you happy?

Is a ‘rich’ person any different from a ‘poor’ person?

P4C The Peacemaker


Do you think a peacemaker would make the world a better place?

Is the peacemaker a test from God?

Do you think it’s right for man to intervene with Gods test for the world?

Would the world be different if children had peacemakers?

Is a peacemaker safe?

If technology was available would we have a peacemaker?

Do we have a peacemaker?

Would a peacemaker have a positive or negative impact on the world?

Do we need a peacemaker?

Would a peacemaker stop people expressing feelings?

Do you want to build a snowman?

Today something very exciting happened at Oasis Academy Hobmoor! We had SNOW!!!!

Reception were very excited and we wanted to make the most of the snow in our outdoor area!!!

We loved playing with our friends in the snow and collecting snow in a bucket! Some of us even managed to make snowballs!!!! We didn’t have enough for a snowman though! Maybe next time!

We are so clever in reception that we even had a go at writing about the snow we saw outside!!

We love to play in our frozen role play as we’ll and we know lots of facts about winter!

We loved the snow today and hopefully we will have enough for a snowman next time!

Reception and Miss F ­čÖé