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Christmas tree

Christmas Christmas Christmas is coming.(9)
Santa clause is coming to town.(8)
Santa is outside to play.(7)
Santa have lots of gift.(6)
The cold is coming.(5)
Lovely present.(4)
Santa gifts.(3)

By Hajra and taiba


Aman Murtaza jahid

It was the night before Christmas Day (9)
And everyone was fast asleep (8)
Santa Claus was on his way (7)
With all the kids presents (6)
His shiny bells rang (5)
His voice was loud (4)
Ho Ho Ho (3)
Christmas (2)
Love (1)

All the children go sleep at night (9)
Waiting all night to have fun (8)
Hoping to get their presents (7)
On the roof he stomps (6)
Jumping on the roof (5)
Going down chimneys(4)
Ho ho ho
He says


The reindeer song

Dasher, Dancer, Dixon and Prancer
Don’t forget little Rudolph too
The most famous of them all
Santa’s little helpers
They’re adorable
He’d be nothing
Without them
Red nose

Mukathus, Mariem, Sarah

Simone and Raisah and Amal



9) Christmas is a time to celebrate
8) You have lots of fancy dishes
7) lots of people celebrate
6) Christmas is very fun
5) Dress up for Christmas
4) Merry Christmas
3) Ho! Ho! Ho!
2) Dress up
1) snow

9) Christmas is a big celebration
8) Santa Claus is coming to town
7) Cute reindeers playing around
6) Rudolph with his bright nose
5) Presents from Santa
4) Have a nice time
3) Santa Claus
2) presents


Christmas Nonet


Christmas is here for everybody(9 syllables)
Be happy for the times we shared(8 syllables)
Santa is coming to town(7 syllables)
Open up your presents(6 syllables)
Happiness and joy(5 syllables)
Merry Christmas(4 syllables)
Love Santa(3 syllables)
Christmas(2 syllables)
Joy(1 syllable)




Christmas is here so let’s enjoy(9)
Fall fast asleep so Santa comes(8)
Santa and his Reindeers(7)
Are on his way to you(6)
So let’s celebrate(5)
It’s Christmas time(4)
Be happy(3)
Presents (2)

Christmas is here let’s be jolly(9)
Be good so Santa comes for you(8)
Santa is coming to town(7)
So leave a big mince pie(6)
Under the chimney(5)
For Santa clause(4)
Be joyfull(3)
Be good(2)