On Monday there was an art explosion in Mrs Sultana’s classroom. Children from across the school gathered to create some mini master pieces inspired by the works of Imran Qureshi. We had used mini pieces of clay and sharp pencils to produce our magical pieces. Plus we added some special effects using beads and sequence, this is the work in progress. On Friday we are going for gold, so watch this space…





Aspirations Week – Day 5

Today’s theme was Politics and after our assembly with MP John Hemming we were ready to save the world by encouraging people to recycle more. We even created our own posters to put up around our school.

To end the week we had an open classroom in the afternoon. We shared our aspirations with our visitors and then filled out a job application form.




Thank you to all the Visitors who came.

We’ve had a great this week and have loved all the new and exciting things we have learnt!

Stay tuned on our blog where we will keep you updated on all the amazing things we get up to in 1A.

Entrepreneurs in Year Four

On Monday we got into groups of five and we started our own mini companies. We had a budget of five pounds with which to start our businesses. As a class, we decided that we wanted to focus on cakes and that we would have a bake sale for our friends and parents. We conducted some research and came up with a shopping list of ingredients. As the week progressed, we created posters, price list and creative designs for our cakes. On Friday we worked as a team to produce our cakes and set up our pop up shops. By Friday afternoon we were open for business! If you thought Black Friday was busy in Tesco, it wasn’t a patch on the number of customers that we had! ( however, all of our customers were very lovely and well behaved, unlike some people at Tesco!)
By the end of the afternoon, we had made over £60 profit in 4S and over £70 in 4C. We plan to halve our profits – we will spend half on a treat as a reward for all of our hard work and the other half will be donated to charity. We will vote on Monday as to which charity we will choose.
What a super day, and thank you to all of our customers









King Edwards Aston Grammar School

Twelve fortunate students from year 4 and 5 went to King Edwards Grammar School for a taster morning of life in a Grammar School. We had a tour of the building, met some wonderful teachers and very well spoken students who represented the school very well. In addition to this, we spent some time in a science and art session. All of us agreed that it was a fantastic school and they have made our students think about applying for a grammar school. Our students were inspired by the endless opportunities available.

They encourage children to try everyday, the boys travel the world and they are part of many sporting events.

“You have been a fantastic group and we have enjoyed having you in our school. You have represented your school so well that we would like more students to visit us or join our school. ” Ms Whithall, Deputy Headteacher at King Edwards Aston.

We met the head of Year 7
What a beautiful library
Inspiring, detailed and creative art work
Time to get messy and have fun in learning!

“Thank you children for representing our school so well and I hope you have now developed more ideas for your futures…..” Miss Ranny

year 2 – Pizza Party

Today year 2, organised a pizza party for their parents, we started the day by creating a shopping list of all the things we need for pizza’s and parties. We then went to the shop to buy the ingredients. Children had to decide how much they would need and the most cost effective products. We then came back to school and made our pizza. We squashed tomatoes and cut the chillies and other veg for our toppings. We then took them to the kitchen to be cooked. We poured lemonade for the parents and friends of our class and we sat and discussed the week and looked through pictures, whilst eating our yummy pizza!

IMG_1451 IMG_1452 IMG_1454 IMG_1455 IMG_1459 IMG_1462 IMG_1472 IMG_1473 IMG_1474 IMG_1475IMG_1472 IMG_1475 IMG_1474 IMG_1473 IMG_1459 IMG_1462 IMG_1455 IMG_1454IMG_1479 IMG_1481 IMG_1482

Christian Aid – The politics of climate change


Anna Burden from Christian Aid ran a workshop looking at Climate Change. She talked about how farmers in Kenya or Bolivia are affected by climate change and some of the solutions to climate change are being provided by scientists and technology

In our session Anna asked us to think about our actions and how we are affected by Climate Change and what we can do. This included caring for our environment, to writing to John Hemming MP to ask him to make climate change more of an election issue when he stands for re-election.

Here is a video about the Bolivia Water Project.

This World Water Day, 22 March 2012, we look at Bolivia’s glaciers, which are melting at an alarming rate. Farming communities on the slopes beneath the Illimani glacier in La Paz have land to farm, but not enough water to grow the crops they need to feed and sustain their families. Organisations like Christian Aid partner Agua Sustentable are measuring impacts and piloting schemes like reservoirs, to maximise water usage in these communities.

And a video about how mobile phones are helping in Kenya

In the heart of Kenya, Christian Aid’s partner the Christian Community Services Mount Kenya East (CCSMKE), is working with remote farming communities who are experiencing increasingly erratic weather patterns.
By sending small-scale farmers scientific weather predictions and forecasts via text message technology, translated into their local language, CCSMKE enables them to plant armed with valuable information.


For ‘the love of’ is Christian Aids campaign about Climate Change

Climate change is a global issue. We all need to take action.


We started our day with an assembly with John Hemming, our local MP. Children has the opportunity to ask him questions.

After this we created our own spires, which will be made into a giant piece of art, with Jo Roberts.




Then, just before lunch we had our own debate, focusing on what the legal age should be for when children can be left at home unsupervised. We were going to upload videos to this blog but we need more practice on speaking for an audience.

Leighton grammar school

On Thursday 27th November we went to king Edwards grammar school in Aston. There are two buildings, we joined in with an art session. Then four boys two from six-forum and two from year seven an they talked to us how one of them wanted to be a professional athlete and the other wanted to be a lawyer then the year sevens told us how challenging the school is. The library is massive with about 1000 books